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One-Day Retreat at Duc Vien Pagoda in Arkansas - United States

Update: 23/09/2016
On Sep 20, 2016, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh conducted the One-Day Retreat at Duc Vien Pagoda in Arkansas, United States.

One-Day Retreat at Duc Vien Pagoda in Arkansas - United States


In the morning session, the Venerable guided participants the Buddhist etiquette and review Buddhism fundamentals as the meaning of taking refuge in Trirana and morality (Five Precepts). In the Q&A session, he cleared up all the concerns and queries of practicing raised by the audience.

The Venerable also praised the merits of the abbess who has tirelessly preached Dharma to places regardless how hard or secluded they are, built up ashrams as the shelters for Buddhists practicing and supporting one another. This spirit is more likely that of Pūrṇa who asked for Buddha’s permission turning the Dharma wheel for human being regardless the coming tough challenges in front. The more difficult it was the harder he tried to save the sentient being due to his compassion.

Via the comparison, the Venerable stressed that the task of Dharma preaching was the lofty one that we, Buddhists, should try our best to fulfill for the happiness and peace of all.

At the end of the Retreat, the Venerable Thich Chan Tinh expressed his deep gratitude to the abbess of Duc Vien Pagoda for all she did to support the delegation preaching Dharma and meeting with Buddhists in Arkansas. After that, the Venerable sent his blessings and Dharma gifts to the nuns and Buddhists. May all have happiness in life and promotion in practicing

Following are the recorded photographs:


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