One-Day Retreat.

Update: 07/04/2014
On April 6th, 2014 (Lunar March 3th , Horse Year), more than thousand believers came to Hoang Phap Pagoda to join in One-Day Retreat.

One-Day Retreat.


 In the morning they had the opportunity to listen to a\r\nDharma from  Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh. Opening the Dharma, he\r\nreiterated the Buddha’s  teachings in the large edition of a canonnical\r\nwork.

These teachings left a message for leaving-home monks, on\r\nbeing’s benefit, should attempt to propagate such as developing Dhamma for the\r\nbenefit of human beings.

 Derived from its vow, nowadays  many monks, nuns\r\nas well as Buddhists seek ways to preach; especially with Buddhas’ naming\r\nReciting Sect.

 However, in recent years there are many differently\r\ncultivating practices, from Japan, Tibet, China and brought to Vietnam. It is\r\nimportant for them to study the sects, but He also pointed out that there have\r\nbeen  a number of Vietnam monks, nuns and Buddists tended to respect\r\nexternal sects in  excessive devotion, which is unable to figure them out,\r\nturning to Vietnam’s  Buddhism into a mixture. He desired all Vietnamese\r\nBuddhists and those who had a concern together  preserved the purity of\r\nBuddhism.

  Besides, to prepare and welcome the coming Vesak\r\nseason, Hoang Phap Pagoda organized the program "Walking  with Love\r\nTogether". Along with collection together of all good men and believing\r\nwomen, Hoang Phap Pagoda organized the program visiting and gifting patients in\r\ncity hospitals such as hospitals of Cho Ray, 115, Pham Ngoc Thach, Children I,\r\nThong Nhat, Binh Dan, Ung Buou, Hoc Mon, - Xuan Nhi Vocational\r\nTraining Center for the Young.  It is expected that each hospital will be\r\ngranted 200 gifts, worth of  $ 150,000 per each.

Particularly Xuan Nhi Vocational Training Center for the\r\nYoung will  be donated 1200 gifts to the trainees. The program\r\n"Walking with Love Together" not only is a bridge to share love among\r\npassionate eyes, warm hearts, but also expresses in the most practical actions\r\nsuch as gifting and donating a little money to patients who are suffering from\r\nillness.

To bring simple, true pleasures availably, all supports are\r\nneeded.

 In addition, to enthusiastically respond\r\n Buddhists’s spirit  on "All welcome the Tathagata; households\r\ngreet Vesak”, Hoang Phap Pagoda donated each retreat attendant  a DVD of\r\n"Welcoming Vesak 2013”.

Following are some recorded images:


Translated by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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