One-day Cultivation of Buddha Recitation on March, 2015.

Update: 20/04/2015
With the spirit of being eager for learning and cultivating Dharma , in the morning of April 19th, 2015 (on March 01st, Goat Year), thousands of Buddhists from neighbor provinces gathered to participate the One-day Retreat in Hoang Phap pagoda.

One-day Cultivation of Buddha Recitation on March, 2015.


After breakfast, the Buddhists gathered in the lecture halls\r\nto listen to the Dharma talk from Junior Ven Thich Tam Tien, the monk of Hoang\r\nPhap pagoda. Over an hour, Junior Ven. shared the lecture on the topic “I have\r\nknown now”.

The miracle of lives exists around us. Without right\r\nmindfulness and calm wisdom, we will be easy to lose the reality and the true\r\nhappiness. A Buddhist must cultivate to be happy and joyful in every minute and\r\nto feel the beauty of life and spirit. Cultivation is the steps on a “Transforming\r\nPath” and the results achieved are not at the end but on every step and we will\r\nbe transformed right at the beginning.

At first, we must believe in ourselves. There are so many\r\nkinds of belief but we just need to believe in the truth and the ideal that we\r\nhave laid out and we must believe that we will get good results on the\r\ntransforming path.

Next, we need to give our best efforts. There are four\r\nefforts such as effort in eliminating the initial bad deeds, effort in\r\npreventing the bad things that do not arise yet, effort in making good things\r\ncoming in to being and effort in rising the good deeds.

Thirdly, we must have right mindfulness and calm wisdom in\r\norder to know clearly the present and not to be submerged in the past or\r\ndreamed of the future. When we have the mindfulness, we will have calm and we\r\ncan bring our physical bodies back to our minds to have motivation. When we\r\nhave the power do ecstatic meditation, we can improve in our wisdom and we\r\nshould reflect ourselves to master the nature of impermanence, non-ego and\r\ninter dependent life of all Dharma.

In whatever dharma sect we cultivate, we need to have\r\nmindfulness and wisdom in both reciting Buddha and meditation. We need to stay\r\nat the present to realize what is happening inside our minds and outside our\r\nphysical bodies and to feel our existing happiness. Thus, we will be peaceful and\r\nhappy in every step of cultivation.

After the preaching, the Buddhists started their study of\r\ncultivation as usual.


Below is the images recorded:


Translated into English by Nguyen Khanh Hoa.

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