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One – Day Cultivation for the young at Gia Lam – Tinh Phap Pagoda

Update: 05/07/2017
On Sunday of July 2nd, 2017 (lunar June 9th, Rooster Year) Giai Lam – Tinh Phap Pagoda organized the one – day cultivation course for the young which helps them with a moral and useful playing ground. Over 200 students who were from all Universities, Colleges, High Schools at in and around Ha Tinh City gathered to attend the one - day cultivation course.

One – Day Cultivation for the young at Gia Lam – Tinh Phap Pagoda


This cultivation is the chance that the young can return to refuge on the Triratna. They are learning the way of a slow living, recognizing life by their knowing and love, such as their love to parents, people around, as well as help transfer their sufferings to a happy and peaceful life which support knowledge for them in life and continueously began a New Year of their schooling.

In the morning, all attendees were instructed pagoda’s principles, necessary and base dignities of Buddhists when they visit a pagoda by the organizational board’s monks. After that, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Tien had a dharma talk for them with the theme “If it is not such things” By his preaching, he reminded the young who should have motivations, vows, and ideals in their school life. Next, they had an answer and question queries to the lecturer which mention to the recent topic. This moment is exciting and enthusiastic.

 In the afternoon, all participants were learned and practiced the way of meditional walking and seating as well as reading the poem of “Gratitude.” After, playing activities accompanying with performance items, singing sounded in joyful laughing. All of which, they had a beneficial and funny afternoon. The cultivated day ended fully participant’s happiness and peacefulness. Before returning home, the organizational board’s monks gave them five books, as of “The Story of Sakya Muni Buddha,” “Human Life,” “Knowing Mistakes and Correcting them,” “Remaining Happiness,” and  â€œIn My Deep Heart”, which were written by Senior Abbot of Hoang Phap Pagoda Ven. Thich Chan Tinh.

  Here are some recorded images:

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