One-Day Buddha Recitation Retreats in Cambodia

Update: 17/05/2016
In desire to propagate Buddha-teaching to Vietnamese Buddhists in Cambodia, Hoang Phap pagoda in Cambodia continues organizing one-day Buddha recitation retreats in monthly on Sunday May 15th, 2016 (Lunar April 19th, 2016). Hundreds of Vietnamese overseas in Cambodia and people in this region have attended one-day cultivating.

One-Day Buddha Recitation Retreats in Cambodia


On the occasion of the Buddha's Birthday,\r\n with the permission from Most Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, abbot of Hoang Phap\r\n Monastery in Vietnam, Venerable Thich Tam Dieu, monks of Hoang Phap Monastery\r\n has shared the Dharma to Buddhists in topic “Brief history of Sakyamuni\r\n Buddha”.

He was born in the sixth century B.C, the son\r\n of Suddhodana King and Mahamaya Queen; according to many sutras and books,\r\n there are many strange omens before His birth such as the Queen saw a\r\n six-tusk elephant in her dream. Prince was born from the left side of Queen\r\n mother in the Lumbini Park who was welcomed by devas on the Vesak Full moon\r\n day of 4th month of Lunar Year. 

 From then till growing up, He lived in the\r\n princely luxury and glory. At the age of nineteen, He married the Princess\r\n Yasodhara who bore Him a son named Rahula. After four times visiting the\r\n outside of four palace portals, the Prince began to face spectacle of human\r\n suffering and realizing the impermanence of births and deaths. He determined\r\n to leave his family for finding a way to liberate for all beings. He studied\r\n under the guidance of many ascetics and after six years of ascetic practice,\r\n He knew that neither any masters nor ascetic methods which brought Him the\r\n truth of suppressing sufferings. From that time He left all fellow\r\n practitioners and ascetic methods, He then sat down at the foot of the Bodhi\r\n tree in forty-nine days, He achieved the fruit of enlightenment and became\r\n the omniscient Buddha.

After attaining Enlightenment, the Buddha\r\n traversed all over India to propagate His teachings. When His propagating was\r\n perfect fulfillment, the Buddha entered Nirvana at the foot of the Sala tree.\r\n Through the Dharma talk, Ven. Tam Dieu helps Buddhists to understand clearly\r\n about the Sakyamuni Buddha's life.

End of the cultivating day, everybody\r\n receives the disk VCD as a dharma gift: The eight-Dharma world, Sincere\r\n words make displeased. Everyone has smiles on their face, maybe they feel\r\n happy after having a meaningful cultivating day and being full of joy due to\r\n understand clearly about the Buddha's Birth Day.

 Below are some recorded photos:

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