One day Buddha recitation retreat in Cambodia

Update: 15/04/2014
In the morning of April 13th, 2014 (Lunar March 14th, Horse Year), approved by Superior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh, Monks of Hoang Phap pagoda came to one of its branches in hamlet 1, Svay Rolum commune, Takhama district, Kandal province, Cambodia to hold a one day Buddha recitation cultivation for local Buddhists. It is known that this is the first cultivation course. Almost 200 Buddhists from everywhere came to attend although the pagodas facilities are inadequate due to being newly established and in its construction period.

One day Buddha recitation retreat  in Cambodia


After breakfast, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Khuong had a lecture\r\non the topic “Basic foundation”. The talk focuses on Buddha’s life and the path\r\nof truth that Buddha realized. The Junior Ven. also talked about basic\r\ncharacteristics of a Buddhist and encouraged that people should take refuge in\r\nthe Three Jewels and keeps five precepts in absolute faith in Dharma through\r\nlearning, understanding and practice. At the end of lecture, the Junior Ven. insisted\r\nthat Buddhists together with the Monks there support the Triple Gem and widely\r\npropagate the Dharma.


Next, the Ven. shows them Buddhist respect-inspiring\r\ndeportment  such as joining palms together, kowtowing to the Buddha and\r\nretreat time-table. Then, it was vegetarian lunch.


 In the evening of that same day, Junior Ven. Thich Tam\r\nKhuong taught Buddhists how to do walking meditation, reciting Buddha’s name.\r\nThe image of each novices step is like that of this pagoda which is being in\r\nconstruction period. However, It is believed that they all will take more solid\r\nsteps when the pagoda is completed in the future.


The cultivation course has ended successfully with\r\nBuddhists and Monks joy. Before everybody left, the organization board\r\noffered a gift including DVD of “The 35th Miraculous Buddha Dharma Program,\r\nConnection of Love and 15 Buddhist tunes”. Besides, every household got some\r\ninstant noodle from Vietnamese doctors at  the Hospital 215, Cambodia.


Here are some recorded images:

 Translated by To Le Van.

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