Offering Gifts to Summer Classes at Hung Phap Pagoda – Dong Nai Province

Update: 12/06/2016
Pagodas Monks and Buddhists visited and offered gifts to the summer classes at Hung Phap pagoda which located in Xuan Hung ward, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province on June 07th, 2016 (Lunar May 02nd, Monkey year).

Offering Gifts to Summer Classes at Hung Phap Pagoda – Dong Nai Province


As usual, Junior Ven. Thich Tam An – Abbot of Hung Phap Pagoda often holds the summer classes to consolidate and improve the knowledge in pupils from 3rd Grade to 10th Grade who have disadvantage families at the local. In this summer, there were 400 pupils gathered in this course. They not only reviewed and consolidated the knowledge of all the subjects such as: mathematic, physic, chemistry, literature etc. but also organized conditional activities and extracurricular activities.

Junior Ven. Thich Tam Hue and Hoang Phap Pagoda’s Buddhists offered 2,000 copybooks, 800 pens to encourage their spirit to learn hard during three summer months.

The amount of gift cost is 13 millions VND, which is supported by Tan Ngoc Hoa, Tan Chau Bao, Lien Oanh, Lien Kieu, Ai Nu, and other Buddhists.


There are some photos about the activity as below:


Translated into English by Duong Dang Huynh Anh.

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