No distinguishing

Update: 26/04/2022

No distinguishing


A monk is likened to a small vehicle not in the Theravada or Mahayana tradition, but it’s in his mind, words, actions, and way of life. That is a self-seeking person who only knows for himself, likes to relax, and doesn't like to work. Such people are truly a small carriage that carries them only. We can't blame them, it's their mentality, personality, and desires like that. There are people like that in the South sect; there are also people like that in the North sect. So, it's not in the North or the South, but in the mind is big or small. Do not slander the Dharma, because it is not the fault of Dharma. The Nikaya and the Mahayana sutra are both means of bringing people across the river of birth and death. Therefore, Buddha disciples should not distinguish which sutra belongs to which sect, but which sutra we should learn to help us to become enlightened and liberated.


Tam Huynh

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