Summer Retreat

Ninth day - Go home.

Update: 05/07/2015
The meal took place in unusual silence this morning. The first time our hearts were full of emotion without words after seven days.

Ninth day - Go home.


Fun? Well, fun. Only a few minutes, we will come back to the loving arms of family.

Regret? Well, of course. Because there are too many memories, too many beautiful things that we do not want to leave.

Sadness? Oh yeah and so much. We don’t know when we can return and stay here like this.

Remember? Yeah and forever. Everything became a part of memory and could not be deleted.

What else? Do not know. There were too many things were not able to tell and rose in our hearts, crystallized into tears on cheeks.


Although the gate was opened but no one wanted to go immediately, just wanted to sit down together and hoped the time last until endlessness. We laughed at a moment and then silenced. Although everybody chased their private thoughts, but the moods were similar .

 Although we had not known before and came from the countries far with contrasting personalities and personal lives then converged on here as a dream. Each tree, grass also contained footprints, laugh, our stories and all of them were familiar. No one thought that today we will say goodbye. If we begin something, it will end, so we took lots of photographs, wrote the phone numbers, the addresses and the facebook addresses, hugged each other in farewell. Everyone also understood that the coming back would be a story of a year later and it would be very different known as the scene still stayed here but these people would  not be enough. In everyone’s life, they also had the opportunities, the situations which would be able to come once despite of repeating, it would just similar.


The time in here which was not much or not little, but it was enough for each of us lived true to ourselves. Something that could not be found in the society outgate. In addition, we learnt the ways how to take care of ourselves, how to nestle with the smallest regulations, how to love and share. We also learnt the simplest things that sometimes had been forgotten somewhere in the busy life. Everyone has private emotions and grows up by a private way.

Each of us also has a private path and the fortune getting enough great causes and effects so as to meet at a intersection of happiness and then continues with the own path. Somewhere those will gather , others will be in a fond remembrance.

Going home. We carried the wonderful recollection about everything, people just appeared once time. All of them will be forever a baggage and carried through the life.

Thank all for what I got.


P / s: Give to Pi, Trinh, Ut, Rua, Xuan, Bigi, Hai, Tuyen, Linh, Hoa Vo Uu, Trung Bot, Duy, Nam, 1m5, Rua, Hip Mi, My, Zumi, the TTPP group and more than 3000 friends attending at my journey.


Hoang Phap pagoda - in Tan Hiep commune, Hoc Mon district, HCM city.

Memoir June,30th,2013 - July,7th,2013.


Lien Vy

Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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