Những phương pháp hạ sốt sai lầm thường mắc phải

Update: 29/09/2015
Fever is a common disease and each of us has the” know-how” to deal with it from the natural methods to medication.

Những phương pháp hạ sốt sai lầm thường mắc phải


However, there were times that we used the wrong way causing the fever to get worse. There are misconceptions about the fever and everyone needs to know how to properly treat it.

  1. Is it fever when the body gets warmer?

This is not really like that. Our body temperature changes throughout the day. Therefore, we can sometimes feel warmer. Normal temperature of body is 37 degrees C to 37.8 degrees C. Temperature higher than this can be considered a fever.

2.  Should we take antibiotics when in fever?

Antibiotics do not help reduce the fever. On the contrary, they make the fever become worse. You should only take antibiotics if you have certain infections, such as bacterial sore throat.

Besides, antibiotics kill not only bacteria but also good bacteria in the stomach, affecting the digestive system and causing acid filled.


Antipyretics are medicines used only to treat fever. The most common types often have components of paracetamol , salicyclates as aspirin and drugs containing non-steroidal , anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, nabumetone.


3. Does covering with many blankets help sweat and reduce the fever?

Even if putting many blankets help you feel more comfortable, it can actually cause your body temperature to rise higher.


4. Should we eat when in flu, but abstain from food when in fever

Abstaining from food in any condition is not good. Your body needs energy to fight against the disease. It is important that you need to drink plenty of water, liquids such as hot soup, water, and no energy drinks or sodas.

You should also avoid eating indigestible foods, spicy and oily food.


5. Does placing a piece of onion in socks help get rid of the fever?


Many people do this and said that it would help reduce the fever. But there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the onion "suck" fever and this action actually does not work.


6. When in fever, shouldn’we eat yahourt?

When taking antipyretics, microbiological bacteria in your intestinal tract may be disturbed. Curd is a very good source of biological micro-organisms and can complement the loss of bacteria in the gut.

However, if you have a sore throat or a cold, you should avoid curd because it can cause disease more severe.

Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri

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