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Ngày Thứ III KTMH 2017: Hành Trang Cuộc Đời

Update: 12/07/2017
Life is more likely a journey that we cannot guess what are awaiting us ahead. At the turning point, we can choose a direction for our own future. Each stretch of way has some secrets for us to discover and experience. They can be joy, sorrow, passion, aspiration, depression or deadlock ... Hence what are the proper luggage for us to cope with them and get success/ happiness? The answer lies in the third day of the course.

Ngày Thứ III KTMH 2017: Hành Trang Cuộc Đời


In the morning, the mass listens to the Dharma talk with the topic “Luggage for Life” from Venerable Thich Tam An, head of Hung Phap pagoda in Dong Nai province.

Our future depends on our decision. No one can design or decide future for us. Hence, we need to prepare proper luggage to be confident on the way we choose. They include:

+ Health: In life, health plays an important role for happiness. We can do whatever things we want with sound health. Vice versa, without health, it is very difficult for us to carry out things or enjoy life.

+ Dreams: Life becomes more beautiful when we know how to nurture dreams. Faith gives us the wings to fly higher and farther reaching bright future with fulfilled dreams and life’s ambition. With aspiration, we live our day positively to reach the goal of life instead of simply completing the daily tasks.

+ Knowledge: To step into life, we need to be ready with basic knowledge via studying and learning. We learn to know, to do, to assert ourselves, to live and work with others. Wisdom means strength. With wisdom, we can reach all targets. If we want to improve knowledge, it is necessary for us to study in the whole life, everywhere, with everyone, at every time via many means as media, Internet, teachers, friends, books, and good examples….

+ Strong will and optimism: These are two of key factors for human’s success. We have health, dreams, knowledge, but sometimes we encounter with challenges in life. Lack of strong will or optimism to overcome hardship may make us fail in reaching our goal. Dream would be a dream, cannot come true then.

+ Morality: Young people nowadays focus on reaching the only goal of studying for success, while ignoring personal morality. Immoral talent is worthless. Talents are not used to serve society/country means good for nothing. Using talents to act unethically for one’s own agenda is even more danger. Unethical talent will bring harm to the community.

In the afternoon, participants join the Dhammapada competition and the second round of Hoang Phap's Got Talent.

Following are the recorded photographs:

Dharma talk "Luggage of Life"


The Dhammapada Competition


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