New Year’s Meeting in Lunar Goat Year 2015

Update: 11/03/2015
Four seasons revolve. The fresh and sweet atmosphere of spring spread over the world to welcome Lunar New Year. In the morning of March, 1st 2015(on January 11th Lunar Goat Year), the Hoang Phap’ translators annually had a New Year’s Meeting at Hoang Phap pagoda.

New Year’s Meeting in Lunar Goat Year 2015


Participator are Junior Ven. Thich Tam Dao – Vice Abbot\r\nof Hoang Phap pagoda, University’s English teachers – editors of the\r\ngroup such as Mr. Le Van Duoc, Mr. Hoang Huan, Mrs. Nguyen\r\nThi Thuy Duong, Mr. Tran Xuan Thanh and PhD. Tran Quoc Dung –\r\nEditorial Director of Sun Flower magazine and many members. On behalf of group,\r\nMs. Dieu Ngoc reported activities in last year such as translation news,\r\nessays from Vietnamese into English to update Web page; making subtitle\r\nfrom the abbot’s DVDs such as â€œPropagation of Dharma”. â€˜Refuge\r\nTaking’ etc., updating special subjects in new sections of\r\nEnglish Web page. At the same time, she presents work plan in 2015. The group\r\nwill continue translation other sections of the Web page and plan to making\r\nsubtitle DVD “Performing universal salvation” of The Abbot. Because this\r\nis the head pagoda of Hoang Phap’s domestic and foreign branches.\r\nNews, essays from are constantly updated. So she expected enthusiastic\r\nsupport for contribution to the Three Refuges from members of group.

Tiến sĩ Trần Quốc Dũng – Tổng biên tập tạp chí Sun Flower

Following was teachers and\r\nmembers’ suggestion. During translation period,\r\nthe teachers appreciated their enthusiasm. However, some\r\nfactors from the members need overcoming because of lack of Buddhism\r\nknowledge. Mr. Le Van Duoc cites some examples to learn from\r\nediting experience. He advised that members should\r\nlisten to Dharma talks to enhance the quality of\r\ntranslations. In order to exchange experience conveniently, he proposed a\r\nFacebook page of the group for experience exchange. With same desire of\r\ntranslation improvement, Mr. Quoc Dung advised that members should refer to\r\nMandarin Chinese â€“ Vietnamese dictionary. Because all translations\r\nnot only exact, but also appropriate Vietnamese.

At last, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Dao had wishes of New Year\r\nand grateful words of merit to the group. Hoang Phap pagoda is built with goal\r\nas the name: Propagation. The task of the group will contribute\r\nto the common goal on a large scale. Therefore Vietnam’s Buddhism\r\nintegrates into Buddhism of the world. At the end of meeting, on behalf of the\r\nAbbot, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Dao gave Dharma gifts and invited them\r\nwith a vegetarian lunch.


Translated into English by To Le Van.

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