Retreat for Students

Natural Sciences, National University, Ho Chi Minh City came to Pagoda for studying.

Update: 26/11/2014
For more than twenty-five centuries, people have come to “Mercifulness and Kindness Path“ and received the shining of “Golden Buddhism” have to realize that the value which Dharma has brought to this life is extremely great and no words can describe it.

Natural Sciences, National University, Ho Chi Minh City came to Pagoda for studying.


Since then, mare people came to the Dharma as the second\r\nhome where they need to live in like the spiritual home. Among them are\r\nstudents who own the country in the future. It can be said that with heavy\r\nresponsibility on their shoulders, they need to have a place to return to, rely\r\non his future path.

With the very positive and good thought, on November 22nd and\r\nNovember 23rd, 2014 (October 1st and October 2nd, Horse Year) nearly 100\r\nstudents of the Faculty of Biology of University of Science - National University,\r\nHo Chi Minh City came back Hoang Phap Pagoda to take part in preparing\r\nactivities for a day of practice.

Back here, they have moments of relax after a stressful week\r\nof study by the service for a day practicing with the monks, Buddhists.\r\nBesides, they also had an opportunity to come back to themselves when listening\r\nto the lecture from venerable.


On the evening of At night of November 22nd, they attained a\r\nDharma talk and experience from Junior Venerable Thich Tam Nguyen, Hoang Phap\r\nPagoda monks. Inspired views from "fresh without watering" he pointed\r\nout that they need to return to their own, determine what the position they are\r\nin, then have the right awareness in every thought, words and actions of\r\nthemselves, from which they will cultivate their good seeds, sow seeds of good\r\ngrace to get a beautiful result, brighter future.

After the shared lecture, they posed the questions and\r\nthoughts, expressed their feelings in learning and life with the desire to be\r\nanswered. He was happy to answer as well as commenting on the question posed.

It was late until the talk ended but it left a good\r\nimpression of theirs for this cultivating retreat.

The next day, they have the peace and quiet moment while\r\ndoing good service and practicing with the mass.

Below are some taken photos

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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