Missing The Venerable Master’s Propagation Mission

Update: 13/10/2016

Missing The Venerable Master’s Propagation Mission


Afar are your propagation of faith

Passing on Dharma, shining Shakyamuni

The enlightening truth is life luggage

In Dharma joy, rest out of interest

Where the sun rises, darkness subsides

Like a stream of right words you grant to life,

Expelling countless dull minds,

On way back home - good, be at ease.

Afar are you preaching

We Buddhists here, missing you

when darkness fills the air

when mercy fills your inspecting steps

Missing it in leisure dawn

when fed with Dharma milk, leisurely all day

Missing a figure of a monk,

Who quickens his pace, my teacher

Those constant teachings, we remember

"Be reassured, my disciples”

The brown robe, we must remember

Stay plain, under laws of life, untroubled

Missing you, these words we utter

Toil of cultivation, you need not wonder

Wish faithful souls success

Two lines of hearts long for your home ahead.

Translated into English by Nguyen Minh Thuy Tien

 Tam Luc.

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