Medical Testing and Gift Offering in Binh Phuoc

Update: 26/09/2016
On Sep. 24th, 2016 (lunar Aug. 24th, Monkey Year) the charity group of Hoang Phap pagoda in company with the group of health examiners of Nhan Dao at An Nghiep ward, in Can Tho City and doctors in HCMC, returned to test came to examine health and give medicine and gilfs to the poor and ethnic minority.

Medical Testing and Gift Offering in Binh Phuoc


At Quang An pagoda, Tan Loi commune, Hon Quang District, the group tested\r\nand gave the poor 300 portions of medicine (90,000VND/portion),and 300\r\nportions of gifts (150,000 VND/portion, including of rice, oil, soy\r\nsauce, and sugar).

 On the afternoon on the same day, the group came\r\nBom Bo, where it resides Stiêng minority. They tested and gave 350\r\nportions of medicine (90,000VND/portion), and 300 portions of gifts\r\nincluding of rice, noodle soup, oil, soy sauce, and sugar,\r\nblanket, etc,.  value of 280,000VND/portion.

The ophthalmology doctor tested and gave 197 old\r\npeople’s glasses and  long- sighted glasses at the two places above.

 The total of charity money  was 194.395.000 dong,\r\ndonated by the group of Nhan Dao health examiners at An Nghiep Ward, in\r\nCan Tho City, Buddhists of Hoang Phap Pagoda, as Ms. Lung, Ngoc,\r\nDung, Lien Kieu, Ai Nu, Tinh Phat uncle, Tinh Trang uncle supported transportation\r\ntothem.

 Below are some taken photos:



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