Medical examination, medicine and gift distribution at Hung Phap Pagoda in Dong Nai

Update: 26/12/2014
On 20 December, 2014 (29 October of the lunar year of the Horse) Junior Venerable Thich Tam Hue and Hoang Phap Pagoda Buddhists in cooperation with the group of medical doctors of Hochiminh City and Can Tho came to Hung Phap Pagoda, located in Xuan Hung Commune, of Xuan Loc Rural District, of Dong Nai province) to perform medical examinations and gift distribution.

Medical examination, medicine and gift distribution at Hung Phap Pagoda in Dong Nai


On the morning of that day, the charitable group was present\r\nat Hung Phap Pagoda to grant gifts to 500 local poor people, half of which were\r\n50 portions reserved for needy  students Medical doctors of\r\nenterology, opthalmology, obstetrics, ultrasonography, and cardiology, etc.\r\nperformed their related duties, such as medical examinations, and medicine\r\ndistributions to poor people. Optalmology doctors also gave additional\r\nmedicines and 80 pairs of free of charge old-people and far-sighted glasses\r\nwhich amounted to 2,700,000 VND. Each of the patients received a portion of\r\nmedicine which cost 70,000 VND each and a gift which cost 110,000 VND each, comprising\r\nrice, salt, instant noodle, soya sauce, plastic wash-tub). To end the\r\ncharitable trip, Junior Ven. Thich Tam Hue still granted each of the Buddhists\r\na disk entitled ‘Like an elephant in a fierce battle’ and a string of Buddhist\r\nbeads.


On behalf of the pagoda, we would like to sincerely send our\r\nthanks to all the Buddhists who have helped us in transportation means\r\n(Buddhist Mong Ha, of HCMC, and Buddhist Tinh Trang, who helped us in well\r\naccomplishing this charitable trip. The total sum of money for the charitable\r\ntrip amounted to 92,700,000 VND sponsered by Ms Niem in Dong Thap province, Ms.\r\nOanh, Ms. Kieu, Ms. Tung, Ms. Tien, Ms. Khanh, and the group of Uncle Tu Hanh\r\nof HCMC District 10, M.D. Ha and Buddhists from everywhere. At the same time, Junior\r\nVen. also granted a portion of gift, comprising a VCD disk entitled ‘Mainpower\r\ngermination’ and ‘Sunflower, part 5’.


Following are some recorded pictures.

Translated into English by Mr. Hoang Huan, layman.

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