Medical Examination & Donations at Tbong Khmum province – Cambodia

Update: 23/04/2016
On April 21st, 2016 (Mar 15th, lunar calendar), Hoang Phap Pagoda together with volunteering physicians from HCM Red Cross came to the border town for the charity activities as medical examination and giving gifts to 400 villagers of Cooc Thomo Phum, Week Lung commune, Mi Mot district, Tbong Khmum province, Cambodia.

Medical Examination & Donations at Tbong Khmum province – Cambodia


With the support fromVietnam Border Guard forces of Binh Phuoc Province - Ta Nod Border post, regional government of Thien Loc District (Vietnam) and the Cambodia Border Guard Forces, things have taken place smoothly.


Hoang Phap Pagoda have prepared 300 gifts and 1 Buddhist necklace, while Red Cross’ physician volunteering group offered 100 gifts (150,000VND/package), including instant noodles, cooking oil, soy sauce, sugar. and clothes. There weretotally about 450 the poors living near border who were served.


Gifts for Phum Cooc Thomo worth  50.545.000VND  donated by Buddhists: Ms. Liên Vân, Ms. Liên Phúc, Ms. Oanh (Uncle Biển’s daugther), Mr. Tân Châu Bảo, Ms. Lá»™c Vân, Ms. Diệu Tánh, Uncle Cao, Ms. Nguyá»…n Thị Quý’s family, Ms. Nguyá»…n Thị Sẻ, Ms. Mỹ’s mother, Ms. Liên Thao, Ms. Ngọc, Uncle Huy Trang, Ms. Liên Phụng and others.

Followings are some photographs from the charity:

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