Loving Charity trip to Thanh Binh, Quang Nam

Update: 01/11/2022
On Oct. 9th, 2022, with the joyful approval of Hoang Phap Pagoda’s Abbot, Junior Thich Tam Hue combined with Junior Thich Tam Man, Abbot of Tan Tay (Thien Phap) Pagoda and the Charity Group had a charity trip to come communes such as Binh Hai, Binh Nam, Binh Phuc, Binh Tri in Quang Nam to support households whose roofs had been blown off, houses collapsed in extremely difficult circumstances.

Loving Charity trip to Thanh Binh, Quang Nam


This is an activity with profound humanistic meaning, showing the nation’s good traditions, encouraging households that are still facing many difficulties. Every year, the pagoda always plans charity programs all over the country. Today, hearing that typhoon No 4 made landfall in the Central region, the charity group mobilized sponsors to share and compensate for the damage caused by storms and floods.

The charity group went to Tan Tay  (Thien Phap) Pagoda in Quang Nam (belonging to Hoang Phap pagoda) to guide Buddhists donating to the Three Jewels. The delegation's representative offered a speech to make an offering, praying Tan Tay Pagoda would gradually become a big temple for Buddhists everywhere to practice, find peace, deliverance and contribute to the propagation of Buddhism, uphold the Buddhadharma tradition.

The delegation stayed at the temple, chanting in the evening, and recited the Buddha's name, dedicating merit Junior Thich Tam Man and Buddhists in the temple are at peace with their bodies and minds, and the Buddha's affairs is complete.

Junior Thich Tam Man paid gratitude and praise to the monks and Buddhists who visited, encouraged, and contributed money to the residents, who were damaged in the recent storm No 4. Wishing all Buddhists, whose bodies and minds are always happy; will be effective dharma protectors, filial sons, living peacefully in the support of Buddhas. 

The charity group moved in hot weather with narrow and difficult roads. Although it is only 40 km from Da Nang city, the road is winding, the trees are falling... the group moves for nearly 2 hours to reach the gift giving place. It was past lunch, but we couldn't find a vegetarian restaurant, the whole group bought bread and soy sauce to eat to reduce hunger, but its taste was delicious.

The delegation received many warm eyes and smiles from village officials, and villagers who gathered to welcome the delegation. Many days ago, the monks, Buddhists, and sponsors mobilized to raise money and coordinated with the Tan Tay pagoda to survey and grasp the actual situation of each damaged house after the flood.

The volunteer group quickly deployed to give gifts to residents, especially those who had completely lost their roofs and were alone with no one to rely on. In addition, the members of the delegation actively mobilized to donate more to poor households. The delegation overcame all the difficult journeys to reach people in remote areas. From old people walking with sticks, groping every step of the way, people with disabilities are not alert, can't express all their emotions, some of them are shy when interacting with strangers. Monks and Buddhists dedicatedly send love to the people in the flood areas.

At the end of a day of volunteer work, the group left with nostalgia. Handshakes don't seem to want to end, promises, goodbyes full of love. If it is fortunate to meet again on the nearest day, the group will have humanitarian and volunteering trips, bringing faith and love in life to disadvantaged ones, who have little opportunity to access health service, volunteer groups, contributing to the care and improvement of people's living. This is an activity with profound humanistic meaning, showing the good traditions of the nation, contributing to spiritual encouragement for families who still have many difficulties to rise up in life.

The trip helped to understand the difficulties of the people in remote areas, it was memorable and very emotional. We have worked together every moment to overcome difficult challenges to reach the finish line. Coming from the loving heart of the people in remote areas, where daily life is still difficult, this trip is a mark of memories that will never be forgotten. Life goes on, when falling, we have to get up and move on. After this trip, the delegation will continue to initiate a new vitality program with contributions from each individual and organization to share practical values, solve key issues, and aim for sustainable development of society, human values for the community!

Accordingly, the charity group gave 70 gifts to the communes of Binh Hai, Binh Nam, Binh Phuc, Binh Tri, Thanh Binh district, Quang Nam.

There were 5 households whose roofs were completely blown off, the delegation went to their homes, hand-delivered money, each household was given an envelope 9,500,000 VND, including:

- Mrs. Tinh - group 24 at Chau Lam village, Binh Tri, Binh Thang - she lives alone and is currently sick and lying on the spot.

- Ms. Truong Thi Viet - group 21, Chau Lam village, Binh Tri, Thang Binh, the corrugated iron was blown off, but can not yet be roofed.

- Ha Anh - group 21, Chau Lam hamlets, Binh Tri, Thang Binh completely removed the roof, the situation is too difficul.

- Mai Thi Tru - Ngoc Son Tay, Binh Phuc, Thang Binh (single, too difficult circumstances)

- Nguyen Thi Hanh - Vinh Giang, Binh Nam, Thang Binh (single woman working to take care of 2 elderly people in Tam Ky).

There were 15 households whose houses collapsed. Each household was given envelopes 2,000,000 VND.

There are 50 particularly difficult households, each one is given two envelopes worth 600,000 VND. The delegation supported the nun temple, whose roof had been blown off to repair it for 10,000,000 VND.

The total amount to support 70 households and one temple damaged in the storm No 4 is 117,500.000 VND.

Venerable Thich Tam Hue represented the charity group, praising the merits and encouraging the local officials to take care of the residents in their commune.

We would like to express our gratitude to the monks, and donors at home and abroad; Junior Thich Tam Man, Buddhist at Tan Tay Pagoda, Que Son, Quang Nam, Mr Hai, Red Cross Society of Thanh Binh District, Y Ngan's family, Ms. Hoa Huong, Phuong Ngoc, and Buddhists in the group who have joined hands and hearts, who move all day to give very valuable money. People are very happy to receive noble hearts with humanitarian meaning to help the group's charity trip complete.

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