Update: 25/03/2023
Going to the alley, the brother saw his younger brother sneaking out to play games. The older brother deliberately and loudly clears his throat to let his younger brother hear.



- Where are you going?

- well... well... I... I... go shopping.

- To buy what? To buy things with cryptocurrency right?

- Well, I...

- Go home now!

Then the two brothers went home. This is what the older brother said as the other sat down on the bed.

- You are grown-up, but you don't know how to think about your future. What will your life be? Is it in those games? Can you support yourself and your parents just by playing games well? Maybe... but it’s really rare!

 The younger brother went silent with his head down.

- Look at me! I am not into games so I study well. Everyone praises and appreciates me. For the game addicts, they are not doing well, and in the future, they will probably recycle rubbish for a living. 

 - I'm not addicted to games, I just play it, brother... Mom and dad also let me play after school...

 - Still talking back! Why don’t you spend your downtime studying or reading or doing something useful? What is the benefit of playing games?

The younger brother was about to say something but stopped. Look like he is about to cry. "Obviously I just play for fun but not that often. My friends also play but they study well. Why did he tell me off and labelled me as picking up rubbish for a living?" - this is the younger brother’s internal monologue as he felt frustrated. 

As the older brother was about to leave the room, he turned his head and “yelled" one more time. 

-Think about it? Don’t become a game addict and the burden of society. 

The younger brother held the bed frame tightly and burst into tears

Comment: When we give someone something and want to be appreciated by others, “it’s not what you give, it’s how you give it”.

The same goes for giving advice. After analysing the pros and cons to offer a solution to the problem, it should be delivered with a gentle and sincere attitude which makes the listeners feel pleasant. However, when we impose our advice on others, and force them to follow, regardless of whether we tell the truth, the result is just Zero.

Because the listeners will be pressured, and distrusted. So we have no chance left for more advice.  

As a result, are we doing it for the love of others or ourselves?

Tâm Cung

 Translated into English by Thai Nhuoc Don

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