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Light of Dharma Program Period 52

Update: 20/07/2015
Date July 19th, 2015 (Lunart June 4th Horse Year) in the framework of the 5th one-day retreat in 2015, Hoang Phap Pagoda continued the program ‘Light of Dharma Program Period 52’, a large number of good men and believeing women, abd Buddhists everywhere came to attend it.

Light of Dharma Program Period 52

For this talk, from the invitation of organizer, Jun. Venerable Thich Minh Thanh, lecturer of the HCMC High, Intermediate Buddhist Institute was in charge to answer the questions sent to. They are:

Question 1: Honorable Venerable!

I am a student, introverted , quiet and I do not like crowded places. I feel very difficult to integrate with people for not knowing what to say when meeting them. Honestly I like them very much and want to make friends with them; some show respect to me but I myself also feel separated with them. I feel uncomfortable being around with them and I found myself with quiet places or groups of a few people. It is very difficult for me to make friends and become familiar with strangers or I did make friend with them, but then fail to maintain lasting friendships, so I have very few friends. This has caused a lot of pressure for my going to school. I sometimes intend to quit school, but when thinking of  my family and  future, I tried to hang on but get very tired. I do not find happiness in life and always carry heavy heart. Recently I have learned about Buddhism. I know what I must have created a certain evil karma in the past so I should also start praying to Buddha, repentance. But each time whenever I pray to the Buddha, I arose to my mind a more arrogance than others. I know it is wrong, though this is not boosted up, then I immediately repent. I want to reserve my schooling results to pratice and do some deeds  at the temple for my mindfulness.

Please give me some advice to transform my suffering, to help me integrate with more people and find true happiness in life.

Question 2: Honorable Venerable!

I am a Buddhist, a clear understanding the doctrine of Triratna Refuges but many times when I attended the  dharma conference Trung Phong Tam Thoi He Niem (three times for Buddha Recitation) at pagoda in Binh Tan district where  there was an incident causing me to be extremely puzzled. The problem is the "Refuge on Amitabha Buddha". Each time organizing the conference, the departments of this temple encourage Buddhists and students to attend all classes, whoever wants to reach the Pure Land, and register refuge on tthe Amitabha Buddha. This always occurs in refuge ceremonies. But the strange thing is that the refuge ceremony accompanies with a large picture of Master Tinh Khong in the front of the altar for people’s kneeling to vow and the vows including effectively legal mention about Master Tinh Khong called  â€œupper Tinh down Khong”

I am known the Triratna Refuge is applied once with daily practice on coming to The Pure land, which has made me so curious. If so, when taking refuge of Amitabha Buddha and then revoking the Master that was previously taken refuge? Thus whether the refuge including Drama and necessary or not? Another problem is that this conference is said their attendance including to free souls fetal or ancestors from suffering, or only one time will attain the realm of Happiness Western Land. I in fact do not understand about this. I wish an answer on  two problems for Buddhists to understand more in their practice.

I sincerely give many thanks.

Question 3: Honorable Venerable!

Tracing on the mass media, we know, in recent years, war, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis happen everywhere, with increasingly strong intensity, threatening to life human. The following tsunamis and earthquakes will be stronger than previous years in terms of both intensity and damage. According to scientists, these problems are caused by the destruction of the natural environment of excessive greenhouse effect. However, I am heard by some people’s claiming that because of the slaughter whose unjust souls are not free from suffering, which debt karmas piled together so the new war occurs. The result of earthquakes is because of the way feel abortion, causing many souls were not saved so they turn back to debunk. I would ask whether the above things are true to the dharma of the Buddha or not? And what methods to reduce those undesirable events. I wish your a answer.

I sincerely give many thanks.

Before closing the program of The Light of Dharma Program Period 52Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, a program manages gave some opinions about the questions and answers of the Venerable professor.

In the end of the ceremony, a VCD “Sixteen Unusual Dreams”  is given to for all people.

Translated into English by Nguyen Xuan Tich.

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