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Lecturing at Hue Quang Pagoda - United States

Update: 05/09/2016
In the evening Sep 03, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a talk sharing Hoang Phap’s experience on how to organize retreats/events to sangha and Buddhists in Hue Quang pagoda, southern California, USA.

Lecturing at Hue Quang Pagoda - United States


The Venerable said that in order to implement Buddha’s instructions: "O Bhikkhu(ni)s, go and preach the Dharma for the happiness and benefits of sentient beings, human and devas, out of your compassion to the universal", Bhikkhu(ni)s all around the world have been trying their best introducing Buddha’s teaching to everyone. However, during the process, many ashrams have got challenges and shortcomings.

Some ashrams organized Retreat Course without orientation. Others have got spontaneous goodwill but lack of either planning, or budget, experience, initiative, creativity, timeliness, the support from the local Buddhism Church... These difficulties have thwarted the Dharma preaching enthusiasm from monasteries and abbots who have been ready to turn the Dharma wheel but lack of the compounded conditions.

Together with Buddhism preaching activities for years, Hoang Phap pagoda has tried its best to bring the True Dharma to wherever it comes, to build trust from Buddhists, to help people have the right understanding of Buddhism. Besides, Hoang Phap pagoda also supports and facilitates ashrams organizing Retreat Courses similar to its model, encouraging the spirit of renunciants in turning the Dharma wheel.

With proactive, positive, and creative mindset, Hoang Phap pagoda has focused in developing elite monks, triggering the preaching willingness from Buddhists and promoting the inherent Buddhism strength. Hoang Phap members have also skillfully associated Dharma preaching with IT application, reality events in modern trends to match with audience’s taste. Hoang Phap pagoda has also positively introduced Buddha’s teaching to the mass from urban to rural areas with the spirit of selfless, compassion, wisdom via kinds of means.

Thanks to such morale, Hoang Phap Pagoda has reaped satisfactory results as the success of Seven-Day Retreat, One-Day Retreat, Student Retreat, Summer Retreat with the participation of tens of thousands of Buddhists from all over the country and abroad. Besides, there are attractive programs with millions of views as Marvelous Buddhism Dharma, Light of Dharma, Sun Flower, Beautiful Sound of Dharma Preaching, Dharma Talks in varied topics...

With this joy, the Venerable is always willing to share his experience to other monasteries so that they can successfully turn the Dharma wheel, too. He also prayed for Hue Quang Pagoda all the best so that it could tirelessly preach the Dharma, warm the hearts of Vietnamese expatriates with its caring and the Triratna’s shelter.

At the end of the talk, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh sent Dharma gifts to the sangha and Buddhism audience.

Following are some recorded photographs:

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