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Learn how to have humanity

Update: 03/03/2017
Ven. Master Hsing Yun, had a student. This student graduated from university, and then he kept studying for Master degree and Doctor degree. Both the teacher and his student were happy.

Learn how to have humanity


One day, the student went back to meet The great teacher. “Dear Sir, I’ve got Doctor degree, then what should I learn next?” Ven. Master Hsing Yunsaid: Learn how to have humanity, which you have to do in lifetime and with this you will never graduate.

1. First, “Learn how to acknowledge your mistakes.” People often blame their mistakes on others and admit that they are always right. In fact, is a big mistake for.not accept your own mistakes

2. Second, “Learn how to be kind.” Our teeth are solid, yet the tongue is soft. At the end of our lives, we will lose teeth but the tongue will still be there. So, we need to learn how to be kind and gentle, which will make our existence last longer. A kind mind is a big improvement in practice.

3. Third, “Learn to be patient”. In this life, “Imperturbability tames the storm;
Tolerance expands your horizon.” Be patient, then everything will be gone. It means knowing how to act and how to treat people using knowledge and talent, which makes a big problem smaller, then a small problem disappear.

4. Fourth, “Learn how to penetrate”. Without understanding, conflict and misunderstanding appear. People should get to know each other to give each other a hand when necessary. How could there be peace without tolerance?

5. Fifth, “Learn how to give up”. Life is similar to a suitcase. We hold it when we need it and we put it down when we don’t need it anymore. If we still hold it but we don’t need it, the weight will be heavy. Our mind is not free from delusion. Our lifetime doesn’t last into infinity. Knowing our mistakes, respecting, being kind and tolerance makes people accepted themselves. Learn how to give up and then we will be free.

6. Sixth, “Learn how to be moved”. We should be happy when we see someone’s advantages and we should share our feelings when we see their problems. Moved feelings is love, which has Bodhisattva or Bodhicitta quality. In my life, there are many stories and many quotes that make me moved. Because of that, I’ve been trying all the time to let people move.

7. Seventh, “Learn how to survive”. To survive, we have to keep our health. Good health is a benefit not only to us, but also to our family and friends, which is one of good things we can do for our beloved people.

HT. Tinh Vân

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao.

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