Introducing New Publication: A Gift of New Year 2023

Update: 28/12/2022

Introducing New Publication: A Gift of New Year 2023


Spring comes to weave a poem

Wish each other happiness and dreams become true.

The four seasons are always in rotation, everything is constantly changing, so does the human mind. Spring has begun, and people’s hearts are full of promises for a brighter tomorrow.

Time is like flowing water, once it has passed, it cannot be returned. So don’t let life flow in vain, every day will be meaningful if you plant seeds of understanding, compassion, and sharing in the garden of your mind. When your mind is pure, the world also becomes pure; when your heart is happy, happiness will prevail on earth.

The book Gift of New Year 2023 is a small meaningful present that Venerable Chan Tinh gives everyone on the Lunar New Year with spiritual messages conveyed in each gentle poem.

Hopefully, each person will practice being good, doing good and looking up so that they can achieve happiness in every moment of their life.

The Cultural Board of Hoang Phap Monastery


 A Gift of New Year 2023

 Author: Chan Tinh


Editorial Director: Most Thich Chan Tinh

Fine Art Planning Consultant: Thích Tâm Dược, Thích Tâm Nhật

Illustrator: Na Nguyen

Lay out: Hoa Cuc

Print: Thich Tam Truc    


The 1st Printing at: HCMC People's Newspaper Printing Co., Ltd, One Member

Book Distributor:  Publishing room of Hoang Phap pagoda

Publishing Liability: Hong Duc Publishing House  

Seeing The Publication: A Gift of New Year 2023 (


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