Impressive Phat Quang Son- Taiwanese Buddhism capital

Update: 21/03/2015
With extremely majestic architecture, impressive and home settings Buddhism University in Taiwan, Phat Quang Son is known as the "capital of Tainan Buddhism". Let dulichdailoan.vn discover the rare beauty of the landscape of famous Buddhism both inside and outside the country Taiwan!

Impressive Phat Quang Son- Taiwanese Buddhism capital


History Starting Phat Quang Son, capital of Taiwanese\r\nBuddhism


Phat Quang Son is located in the northeast of the village of\r\nDai Tho – Cao Hung - Taiwan. Buddhism architectural complex due to the massive\r\nDharma Master Tinh Van - a step in the 20th century monk led the disciples\r\nfounding in 1967. Since the contribution of the Buddhists, Phat Quang Son has\r\nnow become a Buddhist sanctuary. After Phat Quang Son famous in Taiwan and\r\nChina, Dharma Master Tinh Van transferred th abbot position for disciples and\r\ntraveled everywhere, missionaries. So, Phat Quang Son has 200 branches\r\nworldwide, of which the ashrams scale, no less majesty as Tay Lai pagoda (USA),\r\nNam Thien pagoda (Australia), Nam Hoa pagoda (Africa)


Exploring the massive population tower statue at Phat Quang\r\nSon in Taiwan tour


Going to the Phat Quang Son, you'll be stunned with the\r\nmajestic and massive works here. With more than 20 buildings temple, floors in\r\ndignified way, Phat Quang Son is very island convergence Buddhists. Standing\r\nBuddha statue, featuring gentle smile on blue background, this is the highest\r\ncopper statue in the world today with a height of up to 108 meters. Two rows of\r\nstupas as making two walls shelter path to Buddha statue. Phat Quang Son is\r\nhome to thousands of valuable  gold plated Buddhas. In particular, to\r\nthe Phat Quang Son you will see 100 thousand copies Heart Sutra by hundreds of\r\nhand-written copie. Precious treasures core Anniversary Contemplation Buddha\r\nwhose tooth sari is rare in the world. According to classical records, after\r\nthe Buddha entered Nirvana, Buddha tooth sari saved only three units, one at\r\nthe Phat Quang Son, which now is enshrined in the Emerald Buddha temple -\r\nAnniversary Contemplation Buddha for Buddhists’ offerings, admiration, worship\r\nand it has become a key place to thousands of Buddhists.


Phat Quang Son center spreading Buddhist thought in Taiwan

Today, Phat Quang Son has become a Buddhist sanctuary with\r\nthe most illustrious reputation, has the most Buddhist of Taiwan Province. A\r\nBuddhist university was established right here to extensive development of\r\nBuddha Dharma.


Phat Quang Son open to visitors on all days. If you really\r\nare interested in Buddhism, whether you come from anywhere, do not worry\r\nbecause there will be those monks knowing the language of your country and\r\nwilling to accompany you on your journey to explore the temple. Sightseeing\r\nwalking around Phat Quang Son, you'll see lots of pictures of Buddhists bowing\r\nin front of  Buddha statues or stupas in  a very sincere\r\nway. Arriving at Phat Quang Son, you feel all powerful faith of the sons of\r\nBuddha.


Phat Quang Son is the destination of more than 1,000 monks,\r\nBuddhists from all over the world. To maintain regulation in the  sacred\r\nplace, Phat Quang Son is also known for its strict rules. You should adhere to\r\nthe rules as visiting here. For example, you could be fined a large sum of\r\nmoney if you smoke, it is considered rude and act adversely affecting the\r\npurity of the temple space. Tour Taiwandulichdailoan.vn will be an opportunity for you to\r\ndiscover the beauty in Phat Quang Son paradise Buddhism. The Tour will take you\r\non the Buddhism paradise, in the world of spirituality, of rare purity. 


  Translated into English by Nguyen Xuan Tich

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