I’m afraid…

Update: 28/09/2021

I’m afraid…


I’m afraid of my carelessness

Not enough respect to Buddha,

Every day I do not forget

Respecting Buddha, four debts of gratitude be requited.


I fear of so much desire

Perverting me from Master’s instructional words

Every day I regret

Hoping Buddha helps me to be awake.


I’m afraid of depending on too much good condition

Do not practice, chasing desire and worldly fun

Suddenly realizing, but too late

So every day I strive to practice hard.


I’m afraid my Bodhi-mind turning bad

Be defrauded by fame and authority

Some sweet honey on the knife edge

This action destroys me like cutting off.


I’m afraid my head and mind not solid

Being coward and directed by emotions

Being stuck in love, hatred, and depression

Being attached in illusory thoughts leading to sufferings.


I’m afraid of my selfishness

Taking off the wish to help human beings

I would strive all day long

Always keeping the belief in Three Jewels.


I’m afraid one day I wake up

Master is not there, waiting for me

My worn-out rope, my tired look,

But I still have not awakened.


Why being so afraid? Just go ahead.

Every step of enlightenment can be momentarily achieved

You’re afraid, so let’s try much hard!

I’m in you, so you’re in me. 



Vo Tri – Tam Hoa

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai


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