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Ignoring the shifty world

Update: 08/11/2017
That facts and reasons are unexplainable, and right and wrong are mistaken is ignorant. If people keep right view and right mindfulness, the world will become peaceful.

Ignoring the shifty world


Buddha said that “Ignorance” would be one of living beings’ distress.  Ignorance means that facts and reasons are not completely understood, the right things are mistaken for the wrong ones. It is different from ignorant people with enlightened mind. Unenlightened mind is originated from “holding on ignorance without enlightenment.”

  In terms of having mistaken the right for wrong things, the unclear facts and reasons, they are generally thought to be accepted and reasonable. However, according to Dharma’s perception, they are mistaken for the others.   Like we desire something and we think it is permanent. With regard to sexual relationship, it is always said that when man and woman love each other and they are close to get married, they vow to have a long-lasting marriage as great as huge mountains and immense seas. However, life is impermanent, it is impossible, not to mention that mountains may be collapsed, seas may be dried.


But it is mostly thought that mountains and seas are   permanent foundation which we can rely on forever. People do not believe that mountains may be collapsed one day, not to be mentioned as human beings. Therefore, it is ridiculously reckoned human beings to be a great foundation we can rely on. That is called ignorance: Impermanence is mistaken for permanence;impermanent things are considered to be permanent ones; unreliability is mistaken for reliability.

 Buddha taught us that living beings are upside down which are composed of four kinds. In addition to Impermanence mistaken for Permanence, there are three ones: Sufferings mistaken for Happiness; Dirt mistaken for Purity; None Ego for Ego.

 Not only are the things around us unreliable, we ourselves are not as well. Our health, view points, thoughts, and wills are hardly controlled like things, but we think that we can and we are reliably which no ego mistaken for ego. As a result, it happens to us with so many conflicts and distress.


Moreover, Suffering is mistaken for Happiness, True Happiness is conversely thought as Suffering. For instance, some people are really play boys, play girls, immersing themselves in gambles. However, this fun is temporary, when the fun ends, they may feel empty, missed and painful. Hence, it could not possibly be happiness or peace. Temporary fun may become long-time distress. People mistake pain for fun, and do not know it is the cause to bitterness.

 Regard to Dirt being mistaken for Clean, nothing at all is clean forever. Like our body, we may see the body clean at the moment, but become dirty tomorrow. That is the reason why we have to take a bath daily. In addition, the tasty and mouthwatering dishes are set up on the table.  We think they are well-done and clean. However, when we intake them, they are smelly out-taken. Although we do not eat delicious food, we preserve it a couple of day, it may be gone off.


 We can subjectively see something clean or dirty. If we like this object, it is clean. If being disliked, it is dirty. Hence, Clean or Dirt is objectively relative. Therefore, permanence, happiness, ego, and clean are not reliable and real. They are just like a kind of delusion ideas or illusion.

HT. Thanh Nghiem

 Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai.

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