I found my path

Update: 29/02/2024

I found my path


External reliance is only temporary

self-reliance is truly secure.

(Most Venerable Thich Chân Tinh)

There is no greater happiness than to stand on   your   own   two   feet, know clearly what you are doing, and have your   self-confidence.   That   a   bird perches on a branch is never afraid of the branch breaking, because its faith is not placed in the branch, but in its own wings. To write these lines, he has shed a lot of tears.

At the age of fourteen, he began topractice vegetarianism even   though there   was   plenty   of   delicious   meat and fish around. He fought the demon of desire to eat every day. Sometimes he won, and   sometimes   he   lost; however, he still persevered. He did not know what motivated him to do so! Even now, when thinking back, he still feels very proud. He gradually learned   to   go   to   the   temple, chant sutras, and   bow to   the   Buddha   at home.  He practiced diligently; when he went to bed, he even played the Dharma   tapes   and   listened   to them. His family had a vegetable stall at the market, and he also helped sell vegetables after school. He loved to make   offerings.   Whenever   temples’ monks   and   nuns   came to   buy vegetables, he would sell them at a lower   price   and   offer   a   few extra small   items.   Just   like   that   it made him happy all day long.  It was also glad to think about; maybe it was due to the good karma from many past lives.

When he grew up a little bit, he began to do voluntary work at the temples. He didn't know much about it.  Since he   liked   and   worked   diligently, everything   was   settled.     He   also listened to Dharma talks. He nodded off, but   he never   missed any talks. When asked later, he couldn't remember   anything.   Yet   it is strangely industrious! Perhaps his life was so miserable! His parents had divorced, his   education   had   been   interrupted, and then he was ridiculed by people in this life. Some kind people said: "That   child   was   so   pitiful!"   This seemed to comfort his broken soul.

However, as he grew older, the more knowledgeable   he   became, and   the more   uncertain   he   felt.   He   didn't know which path to climb to the top of   the   mountain   he   had   been searching for so long. What was he searching for? It was the "Buddha." The   Buddha   always   loves   sentient beings, especially   those   who   truly practice.  Then, a   special   event marked a new page in his life. It was the meeting of true practitioners like Venerable Thich Lieu Minh - Abbot of   Nhon Phuoc Pagoda, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh - Abbot of Hoang Phap   Pagoda, those   who   have devoted   their   whole   lives   to   the Dharma and to sentient beings. The body, speech, and   mind   of   these venerables are living and true Dharma teachings, and they are a testament to the   perseverance   of   cultivation   for everyone   to   see   and   follow.  When they   walk, stand, and   speak, they exude virtue and compassion.  Their words are always kind and gentle, and their   thoughts   are   always   humble. The Dharma practice that they teach is   also   specific   and   clear: “simultaneous cultivation of merits & wisdom” so that both lay or ordained Buddhists know the path to follow. Certainly, the Buddha saw how earnest he was and took pity on it!

 If   you practice, you   will   have peace. This is a real thing that can be seen   through one's   own   life.  He gradually saw traces of the path that he had been looking for so long. After a long period of studying at Hoang Phap   Pagoda, being   taught   by   the Abbot, and   being   sheltered   by   the love of the Great Monk, he found a path for himself. He's so happy now! Being happy   to   have   a   virtuous   and respectable teacher to guide the path.

"Finally, I   found   my   path!" He silently   thanked   the   Master   –   Most Venerable   Thich   Chan   Tinh, who always took the vow to spread Buddhism as the compass for himself and the masses "On the path upward for Buddhahood; downward for all sentient beings, taking wisdom as his career, and dedicating himself to the Dharma and all sentient beings.

I found my path, Master!


Phuoc Hue

Translated into English by Huynh Cao Tri

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