I Apologize my Parents

Update: 26/08/2021

I Apologize my Parents


I apologize Dad, I apologize Mom

I extremely apologize my parents

Who give me this living body

Mom grew the seed of love for 9 months 10 days

It was so painful to give birth.

No matter how severe weather, all day and night

Father struggled to earn money

His tears and sweats poured down for my better future.

Mother’s love is as broad as the ocean, as high as the sky

Parents’ effort is gradually forgot when I grow up

Deeply down into a debauched life,

Parents’ words cannot prevent me from it

I'm busy in chasing love and fame,

Parents always look forwards to see me back

They become emaciated and they have passed away.

Through the life’s ups and downs

At the time I continue the bloody generation

I have just realized the parents’ warmth

Offering incense and confession late.

I extremely apologize my parents

Please forgive me, a stubborn and stupid child.


Thích Chân Tính

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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