Verses of Ven.Thich Chan Tinh

I am a Vietnamese Girl

Update: 19/01/2015

I am a Vietnamese Girl
(Written for Tam Lanh, May Lanh, The USA)

 I belong to fairies blood,
A Vietnamese - a fairies lineage.
Reputaing in well-known legend around the world,
Courageous, good-hearted, peaceful heroes.
Though being far from the country,
I do not forget myself - a Vietnamese.
In behaviour of eating, living and working,
Which is full of Vietnamese tradition.
Just keep a heart of filial piety,
Worship Three Refuges and ancestors,
Follow teachers’ words,
Wholeheartedly learn and try,
Walking with deliberate steps,
Paying attention to sitting and lying,
Smiling always on the mouth,
Always saying good and sincere things,
Keeping all things disciplined,
Complying with such four virtues as hard work, appearance, speech, good deeds
Though how far I live,
I try to keep the good fate of Vietnamese girls.
Sep 25th, 2002
Senior Ven. Thich ChanTinh
Translated into English: Nguyen Hoang Thoai
(1): housekeeping skills, beauty, appropriate speech and moral conduct

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