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Hundred Years of Human World.

Update: 24/09/2015
Once, the Buddha was in Ràjagaha, at Truc Lam, where it reared squirrels. There, the Buddha taught the mendicant monks:

Hundred Years of Human World.

Bhikkhus!  Shortly for the age of the human in this life, and continue in the future. Do well. Live well. All that are born will extinguish.

Bhikkhus! A person can live only a hundred years, or less, or more.

Man span is short

Honest people concern about it

They live, though, with their burnt heads

Mortality will come

Time has passed

Living can end

Human body must be exhausted 

Like streams on top mountains.

(Samyutta Nikaya I, Chapter 4, Section 1, Part: Longivity [summary]VNCPHVN published, 1993, p.241)


A human life has three thousand and six hundred days but it is short. It is shorter when people can't live until a hundred years. Impermanence will reach to each person without making appointment. Therefore, they must be conscious of their life span deeply, the existence of human to build a good and meaningful life.

 Stand up and remake our life, a beautiful life. Forgive and love, get rid of all the pain and hatred. Time is precious, and it flows fast as a dove figure over the window. Do not let your spirit defeat your will. Do not let good wishes of yours fade when your life is end. Each passing day of life is like a donkey moving to the slaughter. It is useless when we are trying to eat the grass beside the road. Because of the human with a fragile life, we should do good, and live a holy life.

 If they dispute, battle each other to fatality because they are not aware of the truth of the plight of human. They thought that their power and authority are eternal so they never tolerate, share in peace and mutual benefits. They just want to contest, acquire it for their own.  That was one of the causes of conflict, devastating and killing each other, causing of suffering for humanity.

  Few people who can live life to a hundred years; however, that time is not too long and it is enough for us to contemplate life values. After all, what is the important thing of this life? Is it for competitive, enjoyable, or occupation? Just one day for enlightenig Dharma, livng and making a beautiful life, loveliness, forgiveness and tolerance, responsibility for things created, no matter what impermanence, or transient life, this life is still beautiful and worth living.

 Thus, the sense of impermanence, controlling  the short life span, faint life is not a pessimistic, negative attitude; on the contrary, it helps us live more usefully, not wastefully, and appreciate our health, take advantage of valuable time to practice, do all the good thing we can help ourselves and help people.

 Translated into English by Nguyen Pham Hoang Oanh.

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