Humanitarian Activity of Blood Donation

Update: 22/09/2015
Humanitarian Activity of Blood Donation is one of the positive works performing the virtue of Buddhists mutual affection. Every drop of blood given is wholeheartedness, lofty and beautiful deep in order to help unlucky people overcome fatal diseases.

Humanitarian Activity of Blood Donation

Understanding this  profound meaning,  Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross Society and People’s Committee of Tan Hiep District launched Humanitarian Blood Donation Programed at Hoang Phap Pagoda in the morning of September 21st, 2015, (Lunar August 8th, Goat Year),.

The blood donation was gathered from Buddhists, teenagers and the venerables, and volunteers who want to bring their valuable blood in their bodies to maintain other people’s lives.


In this blood drive, doctors collected hundreds of units of blood. After being tested at the center, the blood will be transferred to hospitals and medical centers in order to support the patients who need helps.

Here are some images recorded:

Translated into English by Nguyen Xuan  My Hien

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