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Human life gets bitter fruits

Update: 06/06/2015
As a human, no one wants to suffer, all want to be happy, so the psychology of avoiding the evil to find good and avoiding suffer to find joy and chasing the happiness forms naturally.

Human life gets bitter fruits

 However, in reality, life shows us that it is attached to sorrow as the shadow follows the figure unavoidably. Although we try to follow and desire the happiness; eventually, suffering is the result. So what is the reason?

 Because during the search and persuit of happiness, human must pay a certain price or the happiness will become a debt and the pains also come continuously. For example, a person addicts to watch movie but he does not have money to buy a ticket, so he tries to steal in. It is alright if he is lucky and he can sneak in a couple of times; but it is said: ’Walking out at night for a long time, you may see a ghost, which means he can be caught sometime. Then, he has to pay a price which is equal to the price of all the times that they have sneaked so far.

All the joy and happiness which are easy to get and not going to pay a certain price will gain unexpected results, even though we accept the suffering so as to make up for happiness, we also have to pay a price. For example, to chase the happiness, people have to attempt at earning money as a requirement. They just can enjoy the happiness after a long time. Let us think carefully: “Doesn’t that happiness exist the suffering?’

 There is a Vietnamese saying: ”Donation is a concern, giving is a debt’. It is also a debt although people bring the archievement for us to enjoy. And if it is a debt, the happiness would not be fulfilled. Having a good meal that we had to work arduously to get is what the nature compensates us.

 It is once said: “Anyone who eats  a full rice bowl, a grain of flexible and aromatic rice come along with the extreme bitter’. The proverbs show us that each grain of rice contains the sweat and the effort from farmers. Sowing a seed and waiting for months for fruition. There are so many hardships in a period from sowing seeds to harvest moon. However, less people think of the well-diggers in drinking and less people think of farmers in eating rice.

Throughout a human life from the beginning to the end is really busy and the happy time is truly short. Because we have nothing when coming to this lifeto seek for happiness. So how can we have it without paying an equal price? Normally, it is assumed that the case when man and woman coming up to the time to get married and have children is happiness. However, each tree has its own flower and each family has its own condition; each person has his/her own suffering. Children and spouses are both consolation and debt of each other.

 In order to dissolve the suffering coming from life, there are many types of entertainment such as amusement parks and living virtually in the game online. At the first sight, we all think it is the games that help us relax and bridge the gap in our hearts. But when thinking about it carefully, it is just the medicine which paralyzes our nerve temporarily. In a short time, it makes our minds ease and stimulate our feeling through our senses, such as eyes, ears etc. but at the end, we are more suffering because we can not keep living in the virtual life without coming back to reality. The more beautiful the dreams are, the harsher we get when we wake up. So, that is not the true happiness.

 Satisfying happiness in that way is like using saltwater as beverage. The more we drink, the thirstier we are. It is just like children use their hand to clean their eyes when their eyes are injured; they can stop itchiness at that moment but the more they do it, the worse their eyes are destroy. Since then, we can see that the temporary happiness is not only the result of the sorrow but it is also the new reason for another suffering to occur.

 From those examples, we can see that a human life has less happiness than suffering. People are busy to seek the happiness with hundreds of methods and thousands of craftiness. However, they just have the shadow of the happiness and they have never enjoyed real happiness. Maybe the more they seek for happiness, the deeper they sink into the mud of sorrow. The main reason for this is because they do not know that the causes of suffering were made by themselves.

 Translated into English by Nguyen Khanh Hoa.

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