How To Live Pleasing The Others

Update: 11/08/2020
Once, Master Zhuang Zhou and his students went to the mountain to travel. On the side of the road, a woodcutter who was standing next to a tall tree with lush foliage had no intention of cutting it.

How To Live Pleasing The Others


Master Zhuang immediately asked: "Why don't you cut this tree?". The woodcutter replied: "This tree is considered to be so tall, but the wood is very bad, it cannot be used for anything."

Out of the mountain, Master Zhuang entered an acquaintance's house where the landlord has treated them with swallow meat.

The relative immediately asked the host: "One can crow, one cannot. Which one will be killed?”. The landlord answered: “One cannot crow”.

The next day, the student asked Master Zhuang: “The tree that cannot be used for anything has a long time, the swallow because of its incompetence and was killed and eaten. According to you, how is it right?” 

In our life, sometimes we do not know what to do! When we do things, people comment, being upright will be suppressed, respect for others will be disparaged, talented people will be jealous, if nothing is done, people will despise it

The ancient proverb said: "The gentleman often suffers from many adversities". According to Nguyen Du, "Talented people are always in adversity". Those who are talented and clever, if not dexterous will easily be overwhelmed by the waves of life.

In life, nothing is so full that it does not pour out. If you want to keep it from pouring, you must know how to take out some water. Confucius taught: "Those who are wise should be shown by their being foolish, those who are of great merits should be humble; those who are rich should be modest ...That's how to pour it down to keep from overfilling."The mature rice plant lowers its head..... 

Therefore, a wise person who skillfully uses his talent at the right time, taking reason as the root, thinking for himself, thinking for others. That is the ethic of having everything but as nothing, real but as nothingness. Having talent or incompetence are also suffering.The elders often say "A wise person will live, a foolish person will die". In life, they compete with each other little by little. You want to survive, you must be better than others. Otherwise, natural selection will get rid of you. Honestly, there are no people who have no talent but there are people who don't try hard in this world. 

Don't overestimate yourself because of your existence in this world; Don't underestimate yourself because you are unique in the world. Everyone has their own mission. Don't compare yourself to others. Live your own life well. Only by changing your attitude can you change the quality of your life. The reason makes people fail is only one, which is that in the years we need to strive but we think too much and do too little.At this time, Master Zhuang laughed and taught his students: “We will be in the space between talent and incompetence. So we can avoid adversities, but not completely. Only those with high morality, who have no compliment or criticism, are sometimes like dragons or like snakes. It is unclear whether talented or incompetent; When being high or low, morality is primary root, transcending all things, even though being human but different from others.You should remember; only morality will not be implicated ".

Therefore, we should see that only people who have virtue acquire the talent and complement their incompetence! 

Tam An

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