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Update: 26/09/2021

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The troubles surrounding charity work do not occur recently, and only happen in Vietnam. Because, in any era or country, there are still disparities between rich and poor, there are still certain damage from disasters or epidemics at a certain level. In developed countries, with abundant resources, citizens who have to pay a certain amount of tax at normal times, when there is a natural disaster or disaster, the government fully and thoughtfully supplies its victims. But in poor or underdeveloped countries, it is “human loved ones'' who help them to overcome hardship. Before upto now, we have never raised the question of how to "make a list" for that donation.

Recently, in addition to the information about the increasingly complicated disease situation, people have felt too depressed and tired of the number of new infections and deaths, we have to bear more negative information about charity.

Right at this moment, we should have aroused faith in goodness, open our hearts to be able to tolerate and share, but such negative information makes doubts increase, distance between us and others, people are more and more distant from each other.

Some people who have a heart for the community, care for others, feel tired and helpless, even depressed because their sincerity receives undeserved feedback.

In general, when a person has a heart to call for charity, more than ninety percent of them come from the heart of compassion, thinking about others, and wanting to do something to help other people. With that good thought, people have spent time, effort and money, sacrificing themselves to join hands with the community. Those who have been involved in this kind of thing understand somewhat of their difficulties.

It is not just simply taking money from one person to give it to another one, but it is a zealous process to calculate the amount of money received, to work out who is eligible for support as well as what to buy, how much they cost... that takes much time and effort. However, the most important thing is, as always, whether your heart is in it. If your heart's not in it, and you have no vision in mind, nor influence, you will, against your wish, have difficulties whether or not you pull off your call to donate.

Let's try to put ourselves in that case, when we have sacrificed ourselves but in the end we got reproaches, curse words so do we have the patience and kindness to continue the volunteer work? When individuals and non-profit organizations turn their backs on charity work; then who will be the loser? Who will benefit from this? That's a question that everyone needs to think about.

Crowd effects have very scary abilities. The day before, there is news about that person who did good things that had an impact on the community. from sidewalk coffee shops to the office they gossiped and praised him to heaven. Also the same person, as soon as tomorrow there is a clip on Youtube that condemns, shows personal life stories or give personal opinions to criticize, then the crowd will slander, rake him over the coals without mercy.

They often said that successful people must think carefully before speaking up, and in the age of technology we should not let "using hands be faster than thinking", but unfortunately, there are not many successful people in this life, and those who are diligent in thinking are also decreasing over the years.

Each person needs to have a certain sense of this, and we must also guide the next generations like our children and grandchildren in a calm attitude and think carefully before speaking up about an issue?

Back to the main topic of the article about charity, in recent times, many opinions require that individuals and organizations must do charity properly and clearly, even "the statement" of charity activities is a hot topic which many people are following. The writer agrees that they need transparency in charity work, but also firmly believes that not many individuals or organizations rely on that charity to make profits. We ask for "statements", but can we statistic or calculate the heart and the kindness of people?

So far most of the philanthropists have not thought that they need to statistic the charity activities, they use their influence or own relationships for charity and do their best, not many people think about revenue and expenditure statements. They are not businessmen or community activists who can have the ability for planning. On the positive side, this is a precious lesson for philanthropy, they need to show revenue and expenditure statements clearly and properly for charity activities from the beginning. But on the other hand, this is an obstacle that makes it difficult for many people who want to do charity.

In any era, we also need to rely on each other to live, those who open their hearts, disown themselves need to be praised instead of being judged or criticized. In a progressive society, there will be individuals who will be willing to serve others, caring for the community, and thinking of others. Hoping that those who have spent money on charity need to be wise and sober to choose the right place to deposit their trust, so as not to have regrets later. And the philanthropist will not lose the spirit of dedication by the words of the wind, because the more difficult it is to do good deeds that we overcome, the more meaningful it is.

Finally, the purpose of the article is that we need to have the right attitude, to be wise, not to follow the crowd to suffer the same "communal karma" in the spirit of cause and effect. Every word, discussion or even shared information, a status line, or a comment is enough to guide the crowd and make this life good or bad.



Tâm Biện  

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Minh Trang

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