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How To Convert Your Relatives To Learn Buddhism

Update: 20/06/2015
can propagate Dharma, but Dharma cannot propagate human.

How To Convert Your Relatives To Learn Buddhism



As I met the Pure Land section, I joyfully trusted, received and retained,  and thought about all ways to introduce it to my relatives, my family who did not yet contact with Buddhism. However, they weren't interested with the compact disks or Sutra books that I gave them. Some one denied watching and the others said they had no time. What should I do?


 By contacting with Pure Land section, you gained benefits for your body and mind by reciting Buddha's name. From that, you hoped your relatives to believe in this Dharma.Your vow was very good, but you had to observe the weather and conditioned formation to avoid careless actions. Normally, for those who hadn't yet contacted with Buddhism, from long time ago they all had a negative evaluation about it. Because they profoundly mis-understanded it, which was predictable why they were not interested with CDs and sutra books you gave. They not only said they had no time with it, but behind your back they also discussed why you were superstitious with religion like that. So, we could not guide them in a hasty way but a gradual one. At first, we helped them understand Buddhism from the angle of knowledge. We shouldn't immediately introduce it with heavy nuance about religious faith and cultivation. If so, they would question themselves e.g., if I accepted the Buddhism faith, would I had many limitations? The Buddha taught us: "less needs by enough knowledge". Could learning Buddhism in a competitive social maintain "my bowl of rice?" Because of so many doubts, they denied accepting Buddhism for multiple different reasons.

 Therefore, you should apply skillful means. Firstly, you have to use their desire to lead them and tell them about good things of learning Buddhism for life. For example, this studying could make your internal feelings purified, your wisdom open and body strong; this research could make what we do better and so on. From this aspect, you gradually lead them to Buddhism. You should be patient in waiting if your relative's conditional formation hasn't come yet. The most important thing is that you have to learn Buddhism which is right like Dharma, keep Three Blessings pure cultivation, enhance the spiritual dignity and overall quality. When your relatives accept that every of your aspects has changed in a nice way after learning Buddhism, they would arise their love with Dharma and also arise the thought about contacting with it. In contrast, if you still had a lot of afflictions or couldn't become a good person after learning Buddhism, they would not listen to you. Human can propagate Dharma, but Dharma cannot propagate human. As long as you sincerely learned Buddhism and pray Amitabha Buddha for the compassionate blessing. Finally, you would also convert your relatives to study Buddhism with you.

Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri.

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