How to attract and retain talents

Update: 17/11/2017
How to find the right person for our work is a art highly demanding of wisdom and experience

How to attract and retain talents


When we start work, no one can know where the talent is. We need to rely on the nature and content of the work to make the requirements and conditions that are suitable to the recruitment. Then, we post the recruitment information on the media or ask friends and relatives to introduce. How to find right talents in recruiting is very difficult for employers, especially the person interviewing candidates.


Second, the interviewer must consider the applicant’s ability meeting requirements. Third, the interviewer has to observe the reaction of candidates.  Fourth, the interviewer must see whether candidates are satisfied, what they desire and not forget to observe the degree of candidate‘s sincerity.  In four steps above, the last is the most important while skill and experience are secondary. If candidates are not technically responsive, we can train them. If the candidate meets the requirements of professional skills but not honestly, when entering the company, it is likely that he will cause many troubles!

 It is hard to know whether a person is honest or not through a couple of contact, either by hunch or by the sixth sense!


In the relationship between people, causal fate also plays a very important role. The person having blessing is very easy to find good people in the process of recruiting, perhaps obtain only once contacted. On the   contrary, people who are lack of blessing often choose the wrong person. Actually, hiring is difficult because we do not have the exact method to test whether the person is honest. People with blessing naturally attract people who are competent and honest.


In many cases, companies have to spend more time to train new recruits; however, do not worry that after being trained and working for a while, they will leave the company to go to work at other places. Training staff before and during work is very necessary. In the process of training, elimination will be occurred, the rest of people after training process is really useful for the company. Once the candidate has been accepted into the company, the business owner not only helps them with their work but also pay attention to other aspects of their life and family. Under that thoughtful care, there will not be a subordinate who can heartlessly leave the business! If we just pay the normal wage and do not care about the lives of the workers, it is very difficult for us to know how long that person stays.


 Therefore, salary plays a secondary role while the concern is the invisible cord holding talents. Only subordinates feeling your care that they can work for you from the smallest positions. Through time of challenges, we can train the most reliable, the best and the most loyal human resources for our company. My practitioner, a successful businessman, thinks that a talent must be promoted from basic positions and must be trained from the most basic and smallest steps.


 Of course, there are some ungrateful people, no matter how much you care about them. They are apathetic that they go away from the company and change work as they say. In this situation, you should consider that it is in your thought because their thoughts are as deep as the sea. It is said that we cannot use a ruler to measure the heart of others while it is easy to measure the depth of the sea. You should consider this situation is inevitable in the work and life. However, we absolutely must not lose faith in people. Therefore, we should keep our pristine hearts with faith in the goodness of man in order to continue treating and caring subordinates with loving hearts. In another aspect of life, something that does not belong to us, sooner or later one day it is away from us. Why are we uncomfortable when someone leaves us? We should think that the talents we trained coming to   work in another company is not a bad thing.  We can consider that we dedicate to train talents for our society.

HT Thanh Nghiem

 Translated into English by Huynh Thi Khanh Phung:

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