Hoang Phap Pagada Founder’s Death Anniversary – 2015

Update: 28/11/2015
“Tree has its root; water has its source”. This spirit is deep in everyone’s heart, especially in Buddhists. At present, granted Buddhists’ appearance of “Perfect Sangha on Gem”, all with great grace of ancestors who gave precepts and wisdom. Besides, sitting in a solemn and peaceful ashram to cultivate, we cannot forget the founders favour.

Hoang Phap Pagada Founder’s Death Anniversary – 2015


With gratitude and a wish repaying His favor spirit and commemorating the founders who built and enlarged ancient solemn restful view; in the morning of Nov.27th, 2015 (Lunar Oct. 16th Goat year), at Hoang Phap’s ashram, the 27th Late Most Senior Venerable Ngo Chan Tu’s Death Ceremony – Hoang Phap pagoda founder - was organized with the attendance of thousands of monks, nuns and Buddhists everywhere throughout the country.

Before the days of ceremony, abbots from many pagodas and monasteries together with Buddhists everywhere gathered to enquire after the abbot Superior Venerable’s health and participated in this event.

At 9 am, in a prajna drumbeat’s modulation, two Buddhist lines held palm formally and respectfully to welcome the Venerables’ walking in the lecture hall to perform the ceremony.

After introduction, in the calm and humorless atmosphere, the mass saved a silence time in memory of high-principled Religious Master; who spent all His life for Buddhism. To review His life and cultivation, Senior Venerable Thich Tam An, Hung Phap abbot (Dong Nai) represented for all Buddhists and Followers gave a life history of Late Most Senior Venerable Ngo Chan Tu to the mass.

To display Buddhists’ gratitude to Master’s grace, on behalf of lay people, Buddhist Lien Thao presented her impression about The Master.

Next, the Senior Venerable, head of organizer awarded prizes for “Understanding Life and Cultivation of Senior Venerable Ngo Chan Tu” contest for 8 children from 6 to 14 years old, who excellently passed 3 rounds of the contest then got the highest result; and this was also a gift offered to the Master.

At the end of the ceremony, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh represented for all Hoang Phap’s monks gave graceful words to the religious faith meditation monks and Buddhists. Then he encouraged the mass in their cultivation through the Master’s life.

Late Most Senior Venerable Ngo Chan Tu was born in a landowner family, lived a wealthy life at that time. However, with an early Buddhism understanding and absorbability, He followed “Dedicating wealth to get poverty, dedicating life for religion”, made up his mind headed to truth religion and cultivated Buddhism.

To be continued, by a donkey story from Anguttara Nikaya I, the Senior Venerable talked to Buddhists, a donkey follows a cow thinking it also a cow but its appearance and voice are different. There are people in Buddhist’s look but they actually do not practice true Buddhism. Once entering to the Buddha gate, we have to aware that Buddhists are not the people who hide behind corona’s shadow but for lofty mission protecting people from coming misery, offering a leisure and happy life. Besides, we should always be close to our religious and knowledgeable masters to be taught as well as to shape ourselves a steady dharma foundation, merit in practice and complete personality. Thus, we should not leave the masters too early.

It takes a diligent continuous and long time to get achievement in cultivation, not in an instant. As a result, not only Buddhists but also those who are at home have to balance blessing and wisdom cultivation. Therefore, we will soon achieve attainment and Buddhism value. All of this is bundled in Ancestor true life. Consequently, Senior Venerable encouraged Buddhists following the ancestor’s example to live well, keep good practice, five precepts, and benefit ourselves, family and society.

In this year ceremony, there were performance of singer Ha Van with “Spirituality Destination” song (composer Ha Mai Tan ), singer Dinh Ung Phi Truong with “Inspiring Dear Teacher” song (same composer), Dai Trang Artist chanted a poem named “RememgeringTeacher” and singer Bich Hien  with “Memorizing Master’s Grace” song ( Tinh Hai composer)

At the end of the ceremony, all the monks and Buddhist burnt incense to Late Most Senior Venerable’s Soul; then enjoyed a meal in a very close and warm environment.

Also in this event, attendees were given a DVD of “Deep Grace and Favour”.

Below are some recorded pictures.

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Tham. 

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