“Hero Nuns” In Nepal Helped Earthquake Victims By Their Own Power

Update: 04/05/2015
Around 300 nuns did not remove from Nepal by airplane, they stayed there to help victims in serious earthquake.

“Hero Nuns” In Nepal Helped Earthquake Victims By Their Own Power


They are not ordinary women but called “Hero Nuns”.

Buddhist nuns belonging to Drupka congregation have been\r\nlearning religious meditation and martial art during their life in a monastery,\r\nKathmandu city, Nepal capital. The citizens usually call them as “Hero Nuns”.

The 12th Dharma King, Gyalwang Drukpa, a person who\r\nleads Buddhist nuns, would like them to remove from disaster region but they decided\r\nto stay there and assist victims. “The rain fell continuously, the aftershocks\r\nstill appeared; so the nuns could not return to their accommodation because all\r\nof the walls had collapsed. They camped in the garden for security” sais Dharma\r\nKing to India Times,

Since having trained martial art in many years, they had a\r\nrock bodies and reached to ultimate martial level.

A\r\nnun is performing  a martial art lesson. She has to train many hours\r\nper day even raining or sunshining.

According to Dharma King, disasters occurred as the greed of\r\nhuman. “We should not blame the God for them. We must understand and respect\r\nthe nature” he identified:

For Drupka’s Buddhist nuns, paper fans can also be dangerous\r\nweapons.

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Translated into English by Pham Thi Tuyet Mai.

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