Having faith in Buddha reduces suffering

Update: 27/05/2023
Lotus blossoms in April. Lotus blooms into "But." In ancient Vietnamese, “But” means Buddha. In the west, which is Indian today, they call Buddha by the name “The Awakened One” - Buddha.

Having faith in Buddha reduces suffering


The consequences of being born into a temporary life are Buddha’s rebirth. Those who have found themselves with less suffering and more joy since the day they came to know Buddhism. Perhaps there are many people in the world like that, and in fact, that amount compared to the Nguyen Mong army in the past is even greater. 

Why do we suffer less?

Due to the healing effect of Sutra, just like absorbable suture, which dissolves on its own, that sutra also dissolves into the vein and becomes nutrition to nurture our soul.

Thanks to the rain, Saigon's atmosphere is more pleasant. Realising that Buddha’s birth day is just coming, let’s burn a peaceful frankincense and make a short poem to offer on the occasion of Buddha’s birth day.

After knowing the word Buddha

My life is less miserable. 

After wandering on the street

Having seen enough, let’s go back to Buddha. 

How peaceful is the fragrance of tea and scent?

Sitting down silently to reflect

First anger, next resentment, and then pity

Open our hearts to welcome the Sutra.


What the Buddha taught overwhelmed me with misery.

How disappointed that the Buddha had gone

You taught that life is troubling.

Let’s live a free and heavenly life. 

The Vesak was overcome with joy.

How pleasant to welcome Buddha’s birth!

Three thousand worlds together in peace

Enlightening religion reduces misery.

Only that much, the happiness of Buddhists

No attachment, being relieved, and leisurely stepping into life.

Tâm Cung

Translated into English by Thai Nhuoc Don

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