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Harmonic between sensibility and rationality

Update: 05/10/2015
… Sensibility and rationality must work together; the sensible people need rationality to support, rational people must have sensible to reconcile...

Harmonic between sensibility and rationality


Generally, people can be divided into two kinds:

1.     The emotional people.

2.     The reasonable people.

The emotional and persistent people are not rational and consciously quarrel. The reasonable people depend on knowledge and wisdom. As a result, the majority of people agree to get reasonable people while people rarely dare to close contact the emotional people.

 In fact, sometimes emotional people feel easy to live with other people while reasonable people often express coldly indifferent. We have one practitioner who is so reasonable that he works well with everything and not let himself and other people doing wrong. That is why he creates heavy pressure to his partners. Although he works very seriously, his relationship with other people is not good because everyone is afraid of him. Emotional people have the different feeling, and sometimes they have a lack of focus at work, but they feel concerned, sympathized and tolerani to others.

 However, sentiment is not good because people having mistakes of emotional expression lead to many afflictions if their feelings are pathetic. That we do not care other people is not good. Therefore, expressing our feelings should be appropriate and we should not create excessive pressure for our partners; or partners depend too much on us due to your care. Finally, it is very difficult for us to get out of those situations. In fact, our intention is only interested in common concern and ordinary care, but the results are partner’s dependence; so both of us are suffering.

 In fact, reasonableness is not any wise since reasonable people are good at dealing with others and working orderly; they do not change or are flexible. They look like machines which have each nail and screw fixed and unchangeable location. If people like machinery, life is not interesting. Relationships among people affect one another and cannot be unchanged. As a result, there is the cooperation between emotion and reason in which emotional people need the support of reasonable feeling as well as reasonable people need emotional feeling to reconcile. Thus, such people are Bodhisattva practitioners.

 True sentiment is a kind of pure feeling, which is emotional after purification and the compassion of the Bodhisattva. Also, reasonableness is the word of “wisdom”, but wisdom is not the same of reasonableness. Reasonable people cannot handle problems; however, wisdom can solve it with the adjustment of partners. If the adjustment process is inappropriate, they think it is failure and have afflictions. Thus, we can live together with people having many afflictions, but we ourselves are not affected, so we are wisdom.

Emotional people are easily tied by emotion while reasonable people have too much standard like machinery. The society is in the nature of chaos and discords with many problems. Most of people do not know how to apply emotion and reason properly; as a result, when they feel miserable, they think that it comes from emotional people. When reasonableness is not easy to be accepted by people, the society will not be peaceful. Only being in harmony between reason and emotion will bring people wisdom as well as bring mercy for people’s happiness.


Translated into English by Huynh Thi Khanh Phung.

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