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Happiness To You! (Part 3)

Update: 18/05/2017
"By love, but without understanding, it hurts your loved ones to suffer. Therefore, understanding is the foundation of happiness.”…

Happiness To You! (Part 3)


4. True happiness by the transformation of suffering.

According to Zen master Nhat Hanh’s view, happiness means less suffering. If it cannot be transfered, there can be no happiness.

You get suffering, partly because there are no specific methods to transform greed, anger, delusion. If you practice and transform the suffering, the pain of your own success, you can help others transform their own suffering. The Buddha once asserted that "I teach only one thing, which is suffering and the way to end suffering." Or in other words, the way to happiness. So when suffering is transformed, happiness will exist. But if you hold on to the sad past, can happiness come to opened your heart?

There is a broken girl in the affair, leading to loss of faith with every guy and herself. She lives on with suffering?

The pain that can not be overcome and can not welcome any new happiness. Be too stuck in thinking, she wants to find death. How foolish she is, isn’t she? On the contrary, if thinking in positive way, she should watch her debt with that person as it is, as if the debt had been repaid to him. Then the more you try to practice to transform, to rise up your own complex, to open your heart and the more you find yourself a genuine happiness. Why do you keep your heart freeze in the ice, without knowing how to burn the flames to warm the heart?

My dear! Happiness comes only to those who shed tears, when being hurt, to know the pain of loss, to try to re-do when being failed, you know the desire and nurture dreams. Because only that, you cherish what has been and is in your life. When you are happy, not necessarily everything around you must reach the best state, but when you know how to enjoy transforming what happens to you in life in the best way.

5. Understanding is the foundation of happiness.

Love without understanding not only gives your lover the feeling of untrue happiness, but also causes suffering and distress for yourself.

In the family, children as being young as they are cute because they are always naive mixed with a fool – just because of foolish, so that it’s hard to avoid the whips. Although they are sisters, both argue over each other's toys, fight each other because they sit opposite the television to watch an animated film, and many times to juggle together to sleep with mother. Maybe you will always win, because you are the bigger sister! But when your younger sister burst into tears, you could give up the victory for her without thinking. Have you ever felt this love? It was great! And that affection, it will be more sublime if you know how to put the heart of understanding into love.

Every morning, you often call your sister to eat breakfast, go to school. But one morning, it was almost time to go to school while she was still sleeping. Afraid of being late, you knocked on the door when your sister shouted: "Get out! Leave me alone". Will you be angry then? Surely there will be! You'll run down right away, and tell Mom: "Mom! she yelled at me". Mother explained: "Yesterday she had a fever all night so she can not sleep, this morning she just fell asleep just a little, do not be angry with her." Listen to your mother say so, how angry in you as faded away all and then you will love her more.

By love, but lacking in understanding will make those who you love suffer. Therefore, understanding is the foundation of happiness.

Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh.

Tam Luc

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