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Happiness to you (Part 2)

Update: 12/05/2017
“Have you ever felt happy thanks to others’ happiness? If not, you should try once, the feeling is so wonderful…”

Happiness to you (Part 2)


2. Happiness means freedom

When Buddha was alive, He had nothing but three robes and a bowl as well as the monks. However, Buddha and the monks felt happy as they gained the invaluable thing, freedom.

According to Buddha’s teaching, happiness basically needs freedom. It is not to set free from politics, the meaning of freedom is rightly to get away hatred, haughty, jealousy, depression and illusion, which are called poisons. When we are still under control of these poisons, we cannot feel happiness. Therefore, we should transform these into soul nourishments for happiness and peace.

If you are asked “What do you live for?” or “What do you practice for?”, you should tell the asker the same answer with Dalai Lama’s: “For happiness,” the true happiness without ties or bondage. Conversely, you have told me that you want to find a happy place where you and your lover build a cottage with your both love and lovely children. To do this, you have to take time and be busy fulfilling your desire. The more you look for, the more you make mistakes. The more you want to do, the more you tie yourself with love rope. Hence, you may forget to reflect yourself. Directly or indirectly, you make pains for you, and the one you love. Therefore, dear my friends, if you cannot bring happiness to the ones you love, please do not try to hold happiness through erase memories or imprison yourself in hatred. You should not grasp happiness if it is not along with you. Happiness is considered the cloud, and let the cloud free. Happiness is made when you restrict the desire and set yourself free from the bondage, you will get freedom.

3. Giving is happier than receiving

Once day, there were a student and his professor wandering around. They came across old shoes on the road. They supposed that those belong to a farmer working on the farm nearby. He might nearly finish his work. The student told the professor, “Why don’t we poke fun at him? I will hide his shoes, and then, we will hide behind these bush. Let’s see how he react when he cannot find his shoes.”

The professor stopped him: “Hey, my young student, we had better not poke fun at the poor. You are a student in good conditions, you may find it more delight from this man. Try to put a coin into each of his shoes, and we will wait for his reaction.”

The student followed his professor, then they hid behind the bush nearby.

Shortly, he finished the work, then he passed the field to get his coat and shoes. While he put on his coat as well as shoes, he felt something hard inside. Surprisingly, there was a coin. Being astonished, he stared, turned over the coin a couple of times. Then he looked around, but no one was there. After that, he put it in his pocket, and continued wearing the other. As soon as he found another coin in that shoe, he was on top of the world. Being extremely happy, the lucky farmer kneeled down, kept the head up to the sky and said the sincere thanks. He expressed his gratitude to the invisible and generous hands giving him the gift at the right time, which helps his needy family, his unhealthy wife, and his hungry children.

The students became speechless and burst into crying. The professor said: “Do you happier doing good things instead of your previous bad intention?” The students replied: “I have learned such an unforgettable lesson. I finally understand the meaning of the proverb: “Giving is happier than receiving” until now.

Have you ever felt happy when seeing someone on top of the world? If not, you should try once, it is so wonderful. There are many ways to feel happy as the student. For instance, you help an old man pass over the road; send a loaf of bread or a bottle of water to the needy; or simply help a wet puppy dry and feed him, he delightfully and thankfully wags his tail, and look at you lovingly. Giving means that we give not only material things, but also love, considerateness, and concern. Good seeds become good fruits, so we unregretably give one day, we will receive in turn someday.

“Giving something does not mean lose it

It feels like planting seeds, fruits will be ours.”

In our life, we should not hope that people behave as our expectation. It is advised to take things simple, happiness will come to us. Instead of leading a strict or conservative life, it is suggested to be optimistic, open-minded to this life. If you seem yourself so small and ordinary, you should look upward, how outstanding many examples become for us to follow. Sometimes, you should look downward, a number of people need your help, sharing, and love in order to encourage them overcoming difficulties. You should luckily appreciate what you have instead of feeling self-deprecating. Unless you are open-minded and faithful, you will not grasp love and happiness.

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

Venerable Thich Tam Luc

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