Happiness Around Us

Update: 27/03/2014
An ancient philosopher said, "I always think about many life of laborers. They work, endure hardship and suffering. They live and die in every corner of life, but they still experience in happiness."

Happiness Around Us


Happiness actually exists within the most normal and trivial\r\nfacts. However, we cannot feel it in the moment.

We just complain when we are hungry, cold, or lose the beloved\r\nones, unsatisfied with fame and benefits, or suffer as sudden accidence to have\r\nno of body parts such as hands, legs, etc. Hence, we will feel the misery of\r\nlife. On the other hand, when we do not achieve our vows and expectation, which\r\nare called suffering. From that pain, prayers to escape from suffering to find\r\nhappiness, to have a little attempt and ease a little bit of the pain, burn our\r\nmind and then we quickly forget the pain we have suffered. Therefore, the more\r\nwe want to escape, the more we have to suffer.

By the proper awareness and true insights, happiness exists\r\naround us very much and our lives will be meaningful if we cherish and preserve\r\nit. Only with the regrettable when we lost an arm, a leg or an eye, had we not\r\nrespected happiness when the one has been still in existence. In comparison\r\nwith the disabled, we still adore a sky full of happiness. We have a hand to\r\nhold, to keep of what we love, to cherish and offer what we possess for this\r\nbetter life. We are happy when we have a leg to step to the wide loft sky, to\r\nreach the dreams of idealism and aspiration. We also should be happy because we\r\nstill have eyes to admire life, the changes of the world and specially crave\r\nfor the way we lead to.

It is a peaceful, joyful way that the Buddha taught. We feel\r\nhappier when we have the heart to love, to spread out our kindness to all,\r\nwhose nearest people are our parents, our family and the larger ones are\r\nvillagers, fellow people, country natives, humanity and animals, plants,\r\nstones, drops of dew. The borderless heart will not only help us go into\r\nnon-profit life but also bring love, protection to the life. Much more\r\nhappiness that we will never feel all still exists around our lives.

So each person should "return to find themselves in\r\ndeeply heart, do not roam through life line". Let us live a real life to\r\nreceive the boundless happiness that life gives liberty path and us from\r\nbreathing, food, drink and the peaceful.

So we always have serenity, peace in mind and when there is\r\na challenge or adversity, we are easy to smile and welcome those things. Do not\r\nrun after any fame and vanity of the world; because that happiness is such as\r\nbubbles, glass that are easily broken, that so-called happiness also easily\r\nleads us to misery and reincarnation.

So, let us appreciate and be happy with what we own. It is\r\ntoo late for us to regret when losing happiness.

Tam Manh

 Translated by Nguyen Ngoc Quynh Nhu.




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