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Guiding Buddhist Etiquette at Linh Phong Monastery - United States

Update: 08/09/2016
In the evening Sep 08, 2016, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh had a Dharma talk regarding Triratna Refuge and Buddhist Etiquette at Linh Phong Monastery, Detroit City, Michigan, United State

Guiding Buddhist Etiquette at Linh Phong Monastery - United States


During the talk, the Venerable explained the meaning of Triratna Refuge and Five Precepts which are the fundamentals for Buddhists on their way to the Path of ease and happiness both in this life and the after-lives.

* Refuge in Buddha who has attained the highest, complete Enlightenment, overcoming the cycle of birth- aging- sickness-death.

* Refuge in Dharma which contains innumerable skillful methods for sentient beings to reach the other side of liberation and bliss.

* Refuge in Sangha, a pure and harmonized community with members living happily and awakened based on Buddha’s teaching.

Taking Triratna Refuge is a formal start for people joining Tathagata’s chamber, becoming Buddhist.

It should be noted that after Buddha's Parinirvana, monk, the one who renounced his household life for the sake of deliverance, takes the responsibilities turning Dharma Wheel. Nevertheless, because he is in progress to the Enlightenment, a Buddha to-be, he will be more or less having faults or evils which may discourage the lay Buddhists’ enthusiasm. Hence, the right Buddhist devotees should acknowledge that they are following and studying Buddha’s Path and his behaviors, not anyone else’s. They should not lose their own practicing, merits and Path of Truth just because of others’ bad deeds.

The Dharma talk was followed with the guidance for Buddhist etiquette as: when and how to press palms together, bow, kowtow, sit (meditate) and so on.

At the end of the session, the Venerable sent his thanks and regards to nun Thich Nu An Hoa, abbess of Linh Phong Monastery, for her kindness facilitation to the delegation’s Dharma preaching trip in Michigan which was fulfilled and full of joy.

Finally, the Venerable sent Dharma gifts to the abbess as a present of noble brethrenhood, a spirit of saving sentient beings from renunciants.

Following are some recorded photographs:

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