Grateful words

Update: 21/12/2017
To Buddhists, we all may know that each person keeps a conceivable correlation with our parents, country, almsgiving, and Triple Jewel.

Grateful words


According to Buddha’s teachings, as human beings, we have to bear in mind the four-great favors, especially Triple Jewel. From learning theBuddha, Dharma, and Monks, we know how to practice, differentiating guilty and Blessedness, cause and effect in order to follow Buddha’s step. We’ve got bliss and away from suffering now, and in the future, we will feel peaceful and come to the Pure Land.

 As can be seen, everyone was born from the special combination of father and mother. Father spent most of his life on building a home, along with mother, also making the happy home. All the parents’ sacrifice is only for the foundation of their children. Father is an upright pillar of a house, a bright exemplary of compassion, with great devotion to raising, caring, and protecting children from very young age to maturity. Vipasyana sutra of the Bottom of the Heart said:

 â€œNo mountain could be compared with Father’s great devotion

In terms of mother’s one, immeasurable!

No matter how heavy storms strike"

We hardly reciprocate parents’ great love ”Mother’s love is so noble and incomparable that musician Y Van was composed such a touched melody:

 â€œMom, you are the sweet stream

Mom, you’re also the fairy song

Such a sweet voice,

A bright torch for me when being lost ”

 Mother’s love is such a taste of sweet, a stream of endless love in the world. Mother’s heart always beats by our every breath. Parents delight in our success, but they become upset about our failure. We are so blissful, and unworried when we are still in parents’ warmth. We would like to give the sincere bow expressing our gratitude to two Great People.

 Luckily, we were born in peace: we had a chance to school from the morning to afternoon, we loved countryside through every page of books. Day by day, we grew up in peaceful landscapes: butterflies flying high, birds singing beautifully, the grass glittering with dew very early. We enjoyed our day under shampoo bush, by paddy field, etc. we climbed the hills, and the mountains. It was such a wonderful childhood.

 We grew up along with the river, the stream, in the rainy or sunshiny day, in the tranquil day, and gentle night. Every fruit orchard, every corner, every roadway, we were touched to see the falling flowers, falling leaves all around us in the spring, summer, autumn and winter breeze. People around us knew to love, share happiness and sadness when they were very little. We would like to give sincere bow expressing our gratitude to country, the world for nurturing our souls and hopes.

 Each bird has their own ways. We choose different ways, too. Everyone choose different jobs. This is an essential modified correlation, someone wants to become a doctor, or a nurse; someone likes to plant vegetables, rice; others like to teach or sew; and some silently keep the streets clean, etc. All of them keep the life on track. A happy road straightens out with people’s love, sweet taste, magnificent landscapes, which makes our life wonderful and meaningful. The sincere bow we would like to give to almsgiving.

I have just forgot the life as soon as I came to pagoda:

 â€œThe world finally awake

Spreading fresh bliss and scent, bells stirring

The  Amrta bell echoes distantly

The great bell unstoppably echoes”

It seemed that each person had troubles and pains in the saha world:

 â€œThe cicadas sing beautiful songs

Where are the melodies highly sung?”

 In case of not fully understanding Buddhism, we would easily make mistakes, and cannot escape from the cycle of births and deaths.

 If we understand Buddha’s teachings, we will become blissful as we have an opportunity to know the True Monks: the Most Venerable Thich Chan Tinh – the abbot of Hoang Phap monastery, Hooc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh city. Through the book: “Buddhism Saves my Life”, the Ven. sincerely talked about his points of view. He brightened our life in the dark tunnel, he pointed out which one is impermanent, which one is true happiness. He sacrificed his life for the world, for Buddhism. He had to fight against money, fame, beauty, nourishment, and sleep (the Five Desires), winning himself and overcoming these harsh difficulties in order to propagate Buddhism and gain success so far. How admirable he is! He always keeps his ideology, and he is worth being a member of Sakya.

 We the Buddhists sincerely express our gratitude from the bottom of my heart to the Ven. The Most Ven., he is admired as a Buddha, helping getting us out of long and exasperating nightmare by the wholeheartedly compassionate fire:

“Two eyes fully filled with tears

Death and Birth, two ways, perturbingly concerned â€

His heart is as wide as the sky, his eyes are as bright as guiding stars for us the right way, etc. Annually, he gives us the chance to review the biography of Hoang Phap monastery’s Great Master, Ngo Chan Tu. We learn the great things of Buddha’s teachings. He teaches us from a very little things, always being mindful and   aware as changes in the world are based on causes and effects (causes and effects are tightly correlated). Causes and effects are orchards we plant bliss or pain seeds on:

  â€œEscaping the circle of Dearth and Birth

Marvelous truth repeatedly echoed”

Time flies by, and right now:

“We have met for 60 years

This year of Dog we still get together”

(Ven. Thich Chan Tinh)

 Time flies by, the Ven. becomes over 60. We will always bear in mind his great favors, his gentle smile, pleasant voice. His style is so noble. His sight expresses compassion. His elite distributes to the propagation of true Dharma. He is dedicated to researching, creating means for the easiest way everyone can reach to Buddhism.

  With the hope of “First prayinging, second protecting” from the monk leaving home, the hope is urgently urged to conducted as much as possible. The book “Buddhism Saves my Life” is truly a Dharma Jewel for us to practice and learn from his virtues. And it is Buddhism that also saves our life.

 On the way of propagation, a number of Buddhists admire and respect the Ven., but some misunderstand him. Patiently, he ignores thought, affection from others, and keeps magnanimous. It is his truly purpose of life. 

“Magnificently Buddhism is

Masters’ torch lightens all over darkness

Beyond fancifulness, and unfeasibility

Anxiety, pain worn off thanks to the stream”

 We would like to express our respect and gratitude to him, the Ven., with a sincere bow. His whole life only sacrifices for Buddhism better and better.

 We wish more and more people would know and learn Buddhism, rely on Triple Jewel, and bear in mind the Great Four Favors. All of them are the most virtues of people. We would like to offer Buddha our great heart…

 â€œMindfully awake at the moment

Bind a flower band in enlightenment

Buddha’s haloes shine over ten directions

Heart towards Buddha, hoping to gain enlightenment”


 Hoang Phap monastery, 12 Dec. 2017.

Nguyen Thanh Thao

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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