Full of protection.

Update: 12/09/2021

Full of protection.


We have to make a lot of effort, exertion, toil and moil, which lose a great amount of labor to have a property. There are even many people working in danger of their lives such as mine workers. Because earning money is never easy; sometimes we have to exchange our own lives; therefore, we must know how to protect it, maintain our assets in order to have a comfortable, happy life.

As Buddha’s speech in Family sutra scripture, chapter 8, Tuong Ung Bo scripture - set 4, there are 8 reasons leading to property losses. The first, when people lived in feudal life, if they did something illegal, their properties would be confiscated by the king.

The second is thefts. If we go to bed without locking the door, thieves will break into our house and take away our properties. Or going out and wearing much jewelry, if we are not careful, they will be robbed off.

The third one is fire. If we are careless, fire may occur accidentally, and most of our premises will be completely burnt down during the fire.

The fourth one refers to water. Southern and Mountainous areas which often have flooding. Every year, whenever there are floods, houses are upheaved, all furniture is swept away.

The fifth one relates to hiding things and we cannot find them. We often hide our properties. When we sometimes hide them in many different places; therefore, we are not able to remember where to find them. In case, thieves will take our properties once they notice and keep an eye on our house.

The sixth one is laziness. Laziness is extremely dangerous. People say even though we have a large quantity of money; it is impossible to stay still with voracious, lazy people. That’s the reason why all the money will be lessened.

The seventh one is owing to wives. If we have a wife who is unfaithful, dissipated, destructive or a son infects gambling enthusiastically, drug addiction. Sooner or later, our money will be poured out of our pockets.

The eighth one is called from impermanence. As well as we know that, this life is as uncertain as our property. For example: there was a tsunami in Japan, everything was washed away after the natural disaster. Besides, in this life, there are many things which we cannot predict or anticipate: disasters happen accidentally.

Hence, it is impossible to protect, not only to reduce damage occurring as least as possible. For the predicted reasons, we can perform protective solutions to protect our property. There have been a number of robberies lately; thus we have to be careful when going out. In the past, I saw a woman driving on the street, dressed up with a golden necklace, she might be on the way to a wedding party. Suddenly, a guy appeared and took her necklace off so she fell off on the road. Therefore, we had better keep away from showing off our property to everyone, it is the best way to protect our properties. When we regularly show off our rings, necklaces, cellphones, tablets, etc. which, one day, will be robbed and even led to death. Thus, as Buddha’s speech, it not only works and earns money legally, but also preserves and protects our properties. So far, in case we let our money and assets lose, it could cause us a poor life such as we have no food to eat, no clothes to wear, no places to live, no money to buy medicines when we are sick, and no money to take care of children. Not only can we help other people, but also offer the Three Treasures. For this reason, we should be full of protection.



Translated into English by Duong Dang Huynh Anh

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