Verses of Ven.Thich Chan Tinh

Friendship in COVID period

Update: 01/09/2021

Friendship in COVID period


We are friends for a while,

Both of us work in the same company.

Every day we meet,

Cheerfully hand in hand, greet and talk.

If any of us is in need,

We are willing to support the others.

Our friendship is cemented firmly,

Suddenly, COVID has come to us,

Anyone must wear a mask, too.

Coronavirus spread seriously

Ministry of Healthy requests people to follow 5K (1)

No staying close, keeping distance.

We are friends, but now seem like strangers,

Scared of being close, smiling and talking,

How bored we are!

Remembering the days we hung out at the café.

Gossiping all day and night,

The Prime Minister promulgated 16th instruction,

All must stay in their places,

Don’t go outside, don’t gather,

Companies and enterprises must be delayed for a while,

Due to Coronavirus,

Family members are separated , houses are blockaded

The more contagious patients, the fewer rooms in the hospital.

Our friendship is firm, though,

We have to be apart, my friend.

Just our video calls are by smartphone,

The whole world, in the same causes,

We should accept this, for living more happily some day

The COVID epidemic will stop

Our friendship will still be the same



Thanh lương.


Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai


(1): 5K in Vietnamese: wearing mask; washing hand/ being sanitary; no gathering; keeping distance; declaration of medical status

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