Fragrance of Buddha Recitation

Update: 16/07/2007
Buddhism is described as a fragrant flower, which everyone can smell that aroma. It is not because the smell increases for monks, and it decreases for Buddhists. Whoever practices Dharma can enjoy this full aroma. Conversely, with the monks, but they do not live and practice on Dharma, they do not attain anything.

Fragrance of Buddha Recitation


The aroma means liberation from all bonds and happiness in our hearts ... To receive it, the person has to cultivate himself. But life is throbbing, bustling, how to find peace of mind? How to get the aroma?

The nature of fragrance is free, which does not distinguish space and circumstances. Cultivating trees whose flowers will bloom, and when flowers bloom, the fragrance will appear.

Although life is noisy and boisterous, we still have peace in mind very little, but without none. If it is said there is absolutely no peace, how can we live well while always facing all difficulties; and how everyone around us bears when our mind and heads are full of unhappiness and revenge.

The mind of people is like the ocean face, which sometimes is silent as a lake, and sometimes waves violently. But everything has its causes. When the wind is motionless, the water stands still and when the wind blows, the water will move. Understanding the causes and realizing consequences, we will have methods to reduce and destroy this. We still live and act normally, but our soul and thought should be put on an orientation. That method should be suitable with the way we live, and it does not hurt people and animals, does not sow separation, does not have dissolution and it is led to love.

To create beautiful flowers, to become immortal, we must learn to cultivate more flowers of wisdom in Buddha's garden. The flower garden does not have to be searched somewhere far away, but right here, in the place where is at the nearest place of the soul, the heart of compassion and kindness.

We live in a world of impurity or degeneration, but we still create for our lives in a fragrant of flower bud which is due to apply Buddhist teachings correctly. However we still need to cultivate fragrant bud forever, to create the core for wonderful eternal flower in the future.

There are a lot of methods planting causes and conditions for immortal flower, but the easiest law to practice in the world today is the nature of awareness recitation. It means Buddha Recitation.

Buddha recitation is to create more beautiful garden in the available garden. If someone in life has never created a floral fragrance, now they should practice the nature of awareness recitation to create the core for the garden now and in the future. And if anyone might grow bad flowers, now should enlighten awareness soon and plant concepts of flower fragrance to pure floral fragrance covering the impure and turning all the floral garden floral pure liberation, as in the a samadhi on the characteristic marks of a Buddha., the Buddha taught about the merits and utility of the Buddhist concept as follows: the King Suddhodana asked Buddha: “What is the state of a person who always recites Buddha ?” Buddha replied "As Orchid-Robed forests , 40 square Yojana area, with a Candana tree, but it has sprout roots that do not grow out of the ground, the forest had bad smell. If someone who swallow the fruit of that tree would be crazy and die. Then the sprouts from the roots grew gradually and became the plant. It turned the Orchid-Robed forest’s air to beautiful aromatic flavor, and ones who saw that magical thing could feel happy immediately ... "Buddha said that:" All beings in the world will feel the same if they practice Buddha Recitation. Onlywith the unique mind that does not stop thinking, given birth in Buddha’s world, decided to be reborn, may be modified all evil, being compassionate. This is like aromatic plants that can be transformed the whole of Orchid-Robed garden. "

Buddha taught us so clearly that each of us has an available flower garden and can also create a flower garden of liberation aroma. In addition, the accretion for pure flower garden is to enlighten awareness of Buddha Recitation.

Thich Pho Luan
Translated into English by Cao Thanh Tuyen

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