Four Ways of Lying.

Update: 07/07/2016
Once, the Buddha staying in Kosambi, Ghosita garden, taught monks: “Bhikkhus! There are four ways of lying, what are they?

Four Ways of Lying.


They are the lying shape of a hungry demon, a vain desirer, a lion and The Bless- One.

How is the lying way of  a hungry demon?  Most of these beings are lying on supine shape.

Bhikkhus! How is the lying ways of a vain desirer? Most of them usually are its lying on the left side.

How is the lying posture of a lion? Oh monks! Lions, the king of all animals, have their lying shape on the right side with two legs piling each other.

Hey, monks! How is the one of the Buddha? Here, Well monks! A monk who quit his desires, obtain and abide in the fourth jhana, it is the Buddha’s laying posture.

(ĐTKVN, Anguttara Nikaya II, Chapter 4, unit Fearing of commiting, Lying Posture part, VNCPHVN published, 1996, page 282)


Lying is the good posture to take a rest, relax and sleep which can not be lack in daily life. Normally, people are lying of their habits, how they are pleased, or turning of many other positions. No one also knows that their lying is relatively connect so much to the peace of body, mind and health as well.

It is true that the lying of right dignity is method of cultivation. The lying position expresses the state of mind and deep influence on the mind and body peace of a lying person. With the Buddha wisdom the person who likes supine lying showing his/her desires to be suffered heavily. Therefore, supine lying is difficul to win the mind of desire, delusiveness more than other ones. Besides, it will lost dignity, particularly it is the deep sleep time which is able to loss its virtue.

The posture of lying toward on left side that shows state of mind of whom they enjoy desires. In the other hand, the left lying also affect circulatory system. Therefore, the cultivator should not lie on these portures.

Lying toward on the right side with two legs putting straight each other as a lion’s lying posture which has enough dignity, which is one of the behaviour  of a cultivator. This lying one is good method, peacefulness for the body; particularly, the mind will get awakening

The best one is a lying way with peaceful mind of the Four Zen. It is the Buddha’s way. In order to gain this one, the best method is training of body and mind with the lion’s lying posture. Cultivation must practice on the four dignities as walking, standing, lying sitting. So, chosing of the dharma’s right one to apply for peacefulness body and mind is the Buddhists’ important contest.

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