"Flowers From Heart" to Master Thich Chan Tinh

Update: 28/06/2016
Namo Amitabha Buddha.


Dear Master,


On the occasion of your visit to Hoa Phuc Pagoda, we, Buddhists here, would like to show you our respect and emotion via tiny verses which may be impossible to fully express your compassion and immeasurable merits serving us and sentient beings. Nevertheless, with all of our hearts, we sincerely express gratitude to you, our dear master who has opened the path and led us to the enlightenment and liberation. Hoping that we will get many more opportunities paying homage to you and having your nourished dhamma talks in coming time. Finally, we would like to sincerely wish you peaceful, healthy, happy life and your Buddhism activities fulfilled.


Namo Amitabha Buddha.




After a long time awaiting

Our wishes have now come true

Master has been back, with his light-hearted manner as ever

His footsteps have traveled everywhere

For the sake of our happiness,

Joys and suffers in life

Master has come back with us,

Master has come back with this land

Saving his kids in flow of ignorance.

Master has come back like the dawn,

Dispeling the chilly long night in our life.

O Teacher...! Please teach us

Your nourished Dhamma talks, saving many species,

Releasing sentient beings from suffer and maze,

Replacing with awareness and joys.

We refuge in Triratna Depending on your teaching.

When you go, please do not forget coming back,

Hoa Phuc’s hearts are awaiting you, our dear Master.


Hoa Thach June 26th, 2016


From Buddhist Lien Dang to Master Thich Chan Tinh on the occasion of his visit to Hoa Phuc Pagoda


Master’s Words ...

Noble, a yellow robe,

an air of dignity and virtue,

It’s our dear Master coming.

We feel happy

Pleased seeing you again.

With your gentle look

Your words spread out fragrance of meditative compassion


Helping us leave behind hatred, lust

Helping us leave behind slanderous attacks

Giving us a peaceful berth of life

As a shelter to trust in this shifty Saha.

Giving us wisdom and tolerance,

Let us see the ghost of impermanence, Acknowledging things and know how to love.

Giving us the path of mindfulness.

Your words are more likely nectar

Cooling down our hearts and dispossess our heavy bad deeds in ten directions.

Your words stay with us

Guiding good path during our lives.

"You never mind either praise or criticism,

Either happy or sorrowful,

You ignore either praise or criticism

All melt to the land of none”.

Today, as we pay homage to you, our dear  Master,

Our hearts direct toward the Truth.


Quoc Oai, June 25th, 2016


With all of my heart.

From Buddhist Quang Do to Ven. Thich Chan Tinh.

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